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Cindy Crawford Home

Exclusive to the Brick in Canada, Cindy Crawford Home has become an integral part of our carefully selected furniture line-up. Her beautiful furniture collections suit a variety of lifestyles; for the condo, the apartment, or the home - all with a focus on fashion, design and value.

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In 2005, Cindy launched a new line of furniture, the “Cindy Crawford Home” collections. Directing the creation of the line, she instructed the designers to include certain features, colours and styles. Her vision was to create a line that reflects the needs of families while integrating a little flair of her own!

Cindy Crawford Home has quickly become a successful and trusted brand, embodying the beauty, fashion and sophistication that Cindy Crawford is known for.

Elegant • Versatile • Timeless

Having travelled extensively throughout her career, having a sanctuary to come home to was very important to Cindy. Her career exposed her to some of the most beautiful hotels in the world and as she furnished her own home, she drew on those experiences, even incorporating them into her collections.

Modern design meets comfort with Cindy Crawford’s beautiful line of furniture - chic style in an affordable, fashion-forward line-up. Her tasteful collections depicts class and elegance yet conveys comfortable living, adapting nicely to just about any design scheme in the home.

Rich upholstery creations convey the essence of Cindy Crawford’s furniture line. Using supple leathers, brilliant colours, and flawless design concepts, the contemporary looks are bold, elegant and timeless. With so many pieces to choose from, you can create your own unique look by combining dynamic colours and textures to personalize your perfect space!

Cindy’s use of warm, soft colours and smooth microsuede fabric fuses comfy indulgence with refined elegance for a fabulous line of family-friendly, modern-looking pieces. Lavish but exquisitely reserved, her microsuede creations are the epitome of luxury in design.

With so many pieces to choose from, you can create your own unique look by combining dynamic colours and textures to personalize your space!