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UV3 Upholstery Fabric Protection Spray

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Item Code: FABRIC1
Dimensions: Width: 1''  Height: 1''  Depth: 1'' 

Product Overview

Shield your new living room furniture fabric with this fabric protector spray from UV3. Whether it’s the dog tracking dirt onto your new sofa, or your child spilling their juice on your clean chair, the fabric protector will create an invisible barrier to help prevent stains from forming. With ultraviolet light inhibitors to reduce sun fade on your fabric, this spray is a great investment for your furniture.

Key Features
  • Creates an invisible barrier to protect fabric from dirt, dust and spills.
  • Uses ultraviolet inhibitors to reduce fabric fading due to sunlight.
  • Helps reduce wear so your new living room furniture lasts longer.
  • Helps prevent permanent fabric stains.
  • Use only on clean fabric.
  • Test product on a discrete spot to ensure it will not alter furniture fabric colour. Do not use if discolouration occurs.
  • To apply, hold spray bottle 10-12 inches from furniture surface. Spray lightly in either rows or columns that overlap until all of fabric is covered.
  • Do not saturate fabric with spray.
  • Product works best when applied twice in a light coating. Let dry one to two hours between applications.
  • Let fabric dry for four hours before use. Spray will fully cure and protect 72 hours after application.

Approved Materials: Polyester, Chenille, Rayon, Cotton, Microsuede/Microfibre
Use the fabric protector spray on any man-made or natural upholstery fabric to help it last longer. Do not use on genuine leather, bonded leather, faux leather or leather suede products.

Purpose: Resists Stains, Dirt and Dust; Helps Fabric Last Longer
This fabric spray will help your upholstery last by forming an invisible barrier between the fabric and any dirt, dust or spills that end up on your furniture. For stain removal, please use the UV3 Spot Remover (sold separately).

Precautions: Use in Fully Ventilated Area, Keep Away from Children and Pets, Use Only on Approved Fabrics
Ensure the room you are spraying in is large and has proper airflow. Open windows to ensure sufficient airflow. Do not use more than one bottle in one hour, or more than two bottles per day. Keep children and pets away from treated furniture until spray dries. Keep product out of reach of children. Do not use this product on anything other than fabrics listed.

First Aid: Over Inhalation, Eye Contact, Skin Contact
Breathing high concentrations of vapours may cause light-headedness, shortness of breath or other potential health issues. Remove all persons with symptoms of over-inhalation to fresh air until product is ventilated from the room. If product makes contact with eyes, immediately flush with clean water for 10 minutes and call or visit your local doctor. If product contacts skin, wash with soap and water.