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UV3 Wood Furniture Polish

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Item Code: WOOD
Dimensions: Width: 1''  Height: 1''  Depth: 1'' 

Product Overview

Extend the life of your wood products with this UV3 furniture polish. Containing bee and paraffin waxes, and carnauba, this incredible polish will provide a rich finish and a subtle glow to any finished wood products in your home. Plus, it will help prevent and reduce the look of accidental marks, whether it’s from your hot coffee cup or someone accidentally scratching your furniture. Protect your investment with UV3’s wood polish.

Key Features
  • Provides a rich finish on your wood furniture.
  • Uses different waxes to create an invisible, protective barrier.
  • Defends wood against dust, helps guard against liquid and heat markings, and reduces the look of scratches.
  • Reduces fading from sun exposure.
  • Helps wood furniture last longer.
  • Use only on dusted wood products.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • To apply, squeeze a small amount of product onto a clean, dry, soft cloth.
  • Rub wood polish on entire surface area of clean wood product, using a circular motion, until there is a thin film of polish on the wood.
  • Leave film for 10 minutes (15 minutes in humid conditions).
  • Wipe excess film with dry, soft cloth and buff to a shine.
  • For best results, re-apply product every 90 days, or after cleaning spills on wood product.
  • If wood is scratched, apply polish to help smooth out the mark.

Approved Materials: Wood Products
Use this wood polish on any wood product to help it look beautiful and last longer. Do not use on any non-wood materials.

Purpose: Resists Dust; Helps Reduce Surface Scratches and Fading; Helps Protect Against Spills, Heat and Liquid Rings
This wood polish contains bee, paraffin, and carnauba waxes to help protect your furniture from every-day wear and tear. Preserve and prolong the life of your wood products by polishing it regularly.

Precautions: Do Not Swallow or Put in Eyes; Keep Out of Reach of Children
Wear protective personal equipment to avoid swallowing or putting polish in eyes. Keep children and pets away from treated furniture until finished polishing. Keep product out of reach of children. Do not use this product on anything other than wood products listed.

First Aid: Swallowing; Eye Contact
Do not induce vomiting if wood polish is swallowed, and contact your local poison control centre for more information. If product makes contact with eyes, immediately flush with clean water for 15 minutes and call or visit your local doctor. Should product contact skin, wash with soap and water.