• Wall-to-wall placement closes off the room, limiting your ability to move around.
  • Fewer storage options = fewer places to hide toys, remotes or books.
  • Over-scaled furniture creates a space that feels cluttered and small.

  • Small-scale furniture opens up the space to allow movement.
  • Decorate with function: include accent pieces with storage options.
  • Small furniture with clean lines can still seat three people comfortably.

It Fits Your Style, Comfort and Space

Your style shouldn't be limited by your space. The It Fits collection is your solution to better-fitting furniture.

Update your home with pieces that work with, rather than against, your space.

You won't sacrifice comfort thanks to our wide selection of furniture that speaks to you and your home's personality.

6 Essentials for Small Space Decor

Every designer, blogger and home decor expert offer some kind of advice for small space decor.

We've compiled our top six solutions for small space furnishings. Take a look and see how The Brick can help turn your small room into a paradise of stylish and functional living.

Small Space Solutions
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