LG in the Kitchen

LG is inspired by consumers and promises to make life easier and more enjoyable with products, technologies and solutions, which are so smart, convenient and intuitive you cannot help but smile.

Discover LG Cooking

Lock in flavour for delicious meals in less time with features like LG's True Convection and Infrared Grill. Large-capacity ranges and ovens allow you to cook more at one time, while the EasyClean® cycle makes cleanup a breeze.

Multiple guests? Multiple dishes? No problem

Simplify dinnertime with LG’s 6.9 cubic foot double oven offering the largest capacity available. Use the quick-heating upper oven for smaller meals on the go. For big events, you’ll have the room you need to cook all your favourite dishes, at different temperatures, at the same time. With LG, no meal (or guest list) is too big.

Quicker cooking without preheating

LG's infrared heating element gets your oven to broil temperature more quickly to cut over 20% off your total cooking time. Infrared cooking – which uses the same technology as premium outdoor grills – also allows your food to be juicier than traditional thermal cooking.

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A clean oven in just 10 minutes

In just 10 minutes and three easy steps, your oven will sparkle – all without strong chemical smells or high heat. With LG's EasyClean system, you simply spray the oven interior with water and start the EasyClean cycle. After 10 minutes, wipe away any leftover grime and marvel at your clean oven! For the occasional deep clean, use the traditional self-clean cycle.

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