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LG is inspired by consumers and promises to make life easier and more enjoyable with products, technologies and solutions, which are so smart, convenient and intuitive you cannot help but smile.

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More organazation, easier access

Say goodbye to time spent precariously digging through your fridge to find what you need. LG refrigerators are packed with innovative features so you can quickly and easily find your dinner ingredients, snacks and favourite beverages.

When hot summer days hit, you just finished a tough workout or you're simply in a hurry, LG's Door-in-Door feature allows quick and easy access to your thirst-quenching drinks. Thanks to the extra shelf space, you'll free room in the fridge's pantry in addition to having a convenient place to store snacks and beverages.

Three-Tiered Shelving
Organizing frozen foods doesn't need to be a balancing act. Tiered shelving in the freezer drawer offers plenty of easily accessible space to store leftovers, pizza, ice cream and more. Now you can swiftly grab what you need without worrying about a cascading tower of boxes.

Four-Door Design
With LG's four-door design, everything has its place in your refrigerator. The counter-height CustomChillTM drawer places your cold groceries at a convenient height. Since the drawer is a unique CoolSelect ZoneTM, you can use it as a fridge or freezer to store wine, deli snacks, frozen veggies and even party dishes.

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Advanced Technology

Smart Cooling
Keep your food at its freshest with the Smart CoolingTM technology in LG refrigerators. Digital sensors constantly monitor humidity and temperature within the fridge to maintain optimal levels for your cold foods.

Less Noise
The kitchen is often one of the loudest rooms in the house, and no one wants a noisy fridge in the mix. LoDecibelTM operation makes this hard-working cooling machine ultra-quiet.

Convenient Troubleshooting
Use the SmartDiagnosisTM app and a Wi-Fi connection to troubleshoot potential issues with your refrigerator and minimize unnecessary service calls. LG customer service is available 24/7 to offer any assistance needed.

Energy Saving
Because the Inverter Linear Compressor is more energy efficient than a conventional processor, you can easily save money on your utility bill.

Built with the long term in mind, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor motor uses fewer moving parts, operates efficiently and is backed with a 10-year warranty.

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Most Usable Space

SlimSpace® Plus
LG has slimmed down its ice system and relocated it to the door to increase space in the fridge pantry and free the entire top shelf from any obstructions.

Slim and Smart
Enjoy a larger refrigerator capacity without sacrificing storage space or energy efficiency thanks to the slimmest and most effective insulation LG has ever made.

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