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6 Essentials for Small Space Decor

Planning to move into a home smaller than your current place? Stuck in a studio with all your clutter? Or are you designing your own tiny home paradise?

Making your home feel larger than your floor plan is a task many aspire to pull off flawlessly. Simply Googling "small space design" brings up an endless number of results, reiterating the same basic suggestions over and over. How do you know which ideas actually work and which ones will work against you?

We've compiled the top six tips for decorating your small space, along with links to who we think did it best. Plus, we've included products sold at The Brick to get you started on transforming your home.


1. Reveal and reflect

Everywhere you look, mirrors are the number one suggestion for making a small room feel bigger. Position them in proximity to windows, artwork or even across from a feature piece in your living space. The larger the mirror, the better.

Whom we like: HGTV has a couple great ideas for what kind of mirrors work best, but our favourite design concept is stacking three or four square mirrors in your entryway so your home is magnified the moment you walk in.

Buy the look: Our Oxley mirror is a very close match to the one on the HGTV blog. Plus, placing mirrors at your entryway allows you to take a final glance at your outfit before heading out the door.


2. Go big at home

Large artwork pieces give the effect of large wall space – after all, you wouldn't hang something big if you didn't have the room. Crank this look up a notch by hanging two or three pieces close together on one wall to trick the eye into believing the wall is longer than it is.

Whom we like: With two massive bird prints looking over the living room, Refinery29 shows how large pieces of art can make the room visually expand without knocking over a single wall.

Buy the look: Use these two flower paintings to show off your love of nature and make your home look big and bright.


3. Get off the ground

Buy upholstery items with tall, uncovered legs to show the ground underneath. Using pieces raised off the ground gives the perception of air and movement around your furniture.

Whom we like: Using a New York City apartment, Houzz shows how raised upholstery pieces instantly create more space without giving up comfort or style.

Buy the look: The elevated Kayln sofa fits this design choice perfectly, with the three-person seater supported by espresso-finished wood legs.


4. Double up

Multifunctional furniture is a must-have for any home with limited space. Use your desk as a dining room table. Store blankets in your ottoman. Pull a bed out of your sofa. There are countless examples of double-duty pieces you can use in your home.

Whom we like: Inhabitat not only showcases beautiful multifunctional furniture – they also incorporate sleek, sophisticated pieces in the most modern of home decors.

Buy the look: Looks can be deceiving with this sleek Seradala coffee table. A glass tabletop follows the S-curves to a stool tucked in at each end, while the dark wood base contains storage areas concealed by a sliding door panel.


5. Let your ends down

If your dining space is incorporated into your living room or kitchen, you'll want a table you can use for both a dinner party and breakfast for one. Round or square, find a table with drop leaves so you can squeeze it into a corner or open up for date night.

Whom we like: Apartment Therapy recommends a round table to create a spacious layout. Since a round table has no corners, it's easier to ignore how little space there is available to dine.

Buy the look: Use this Zara round table to give your home a rustic look, while the light-coloured wood tabletop provides a roomy area to entertain. Combine it with one or more armless dining chairs to suit your personality.


6. Use it or lose it

Probably the most critical piece of advice is to keep your home free of clutter and mess. The more "stuff" you have laying around, the more you may feel trapped by your home's size. Don't horde shoes you never wear, toys your children never touch or clothes your partner never wears. If you bring something new into the house, get rid of something else. And store your projects and seasonal items in areas where you won't forget they exist.

Whom we like: Canada's own Chatelaine magazine said it best – cluttered spaces are small spaces. A floor-to-ceiling cabinet not only hides knick-knacks and paperwork, it also gives the illusion of high ceilings.

Buy the look: With a distressed wood finish, this tall Barrister Lane bookcase provides an elegant and organized space for books or family treasures.