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8 Creative Ways to Use Bookshelves in Your Home

In the age of digital e-book readers and endless technology at our fingertips, many people wonder why they would ever need a bookshelf at all. However, bookshelves can do a whole lot more than just store books. In fact, bookshelves are great for keeping various rooms of the house organized so that items are easily accessible instead of shoved into a storage bin.

Here are eight creative bookshelf ideas for better household organization, displays, and just for fun.

1. Showcase Wine and Spirit Collections

One fun idea for a bookshelf is to showcase your favourite fine wines or bottles of spirits for your party guests to see. This is a great way to show off your taste for the finer things in life or simply to make beverages more accessible to your houseguests.

2. Create a Drink Bar with a Low Bookshelf

A fun party-style purpose for a low bookshelf is to use it as a drink bar. You can store spirits, wines, and mixers on the top shelf and then glasses, stirrers, straws, and garnishes on the shelves below next time you’re having a party.

3. Make a Bookshelf Room Divider

Some houses are simply built with not enough rooms for your family’s needs, but you can make the most of your space with a bookshelf room divider. Place a long and wide bookshelf in a large open space so that you can use the opposite sides for different purposes. For example, you might use a bookshelf room divider in a large dining room to create a smaller dining room on one side of the bookshelf and a home office on the other side.

4. Use a Bookshelf Shoe Rack

Many homes are plagued by “shoe chaos,” which happens when everyone haphazardly kicks off their shoes at the front door into a pile. You can claim back your entryway by adding a bookshelf shoe rack at the bottom of your hall coat closet or bedroom closet. Bookshelf ideas for bedroom closets work well to reduce clutter and help you instantly find the shoes you want to wear.

5. Display Artwork and Souvenirs

For living room bookshelf ideas, add a bookshelf along the wall to display your favourite artwork, knick-knacks, or travel souvenirs. By using a bookshelf, you can avoid damaging your walls by hanging items. You can also arrange items in creative ways and make your living room feel like an art gallery or personal museum.

6. Add Extra Bathroom Storage

Great bookshelf ideas also extend to the bathroom, which is a room that many people struggle with in terms of staying organized and having enough storage space. Try adding a tall and skinny bookshelf to your bathroom to hold spare towels, extra rolls of toilet papers, and a candle or air freshener. Think about making the most of vertical space in the bathroom so that it doesn’t feel cluttered or become difficult to navigate.

7. Create a Headboard for Your Bed

One of the best ways to wind down after a long day is to read a book in bed. Therefore, another of our bookshelf organization ideas is to create a headboard with a wide and medium-height bookshelf to store all of your favourite books. This is a nice place to also store your television remote, photo frames, and a bottle of lotion.

8. Bookshelf and Toy Storage Ideas

If you have kids, then a bookshelf for toy storage is a great option to think about. Rather than leaving toys strewn all across the living room or playroom, you can place a low and long bookshelf in these rooms to provide a home for toys, games, and children’s books. This will help prevent trips and falls while walking across a messy floor and help you quickly find the item you’re looking for on a shelf.

At The Brick, we offer so many beautiful bookcases that come in a wide variety of styles, colours, heights, and numbers of shelves. Every home needs at least one or two bookcases, and we encourage you to shop online or in one of our local stores to find ones that suit your needs.