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How Smart Kitchen Appliances Can Help Your Holiday Cooking

Smart appliances are all the rage among interior designers and home chefs today, but most people don’t realize how many different appliances actually have useful smart capabilities. Wi-Fi connected cooking helps busy chefs plan, prepare and enjoy amazing meals with convenient technology that makes you more efficient and helps you have more fun in the kitchen.

Here’s an overview of the capabilities of smart kitchen appliances and the benefits of adding these high-tech machines to your daily life.

The Smart Refrigerator

A smart fridge is often the first smart kitchen appliance that a family invests in because of how much kitchen activity revolves around the refrigerator. Certain models have smart fridge functions like built-in tablet screens to use as a memo board and even built-in cameras so you’ll never be stuck in the grocery store wondering what you have back home. Smart refrigerators work through voice commands and do so much more than just store your food and keep it cold.

Around the holidays, a smart fridge can help you stay organized for the ingredients you need and also help you access great recipes for your favourite holiday meals.

The Smart Dishwasher

A smart dishwasher is a good investment because these appliances are energy efficient and help solve common issues, such as removing the food particles that get stuck on your utensils. Smart technology features in dishwashers include adjustable racks, bottle jets for top shelves, high-efficiency filters, LED lights and high-tech heating elements for drying.

During holiday gatherings that you host, you can spend your time in the living room or dining room with your guests rather than in the kitchen starting and fussing with the dishwasher when you have one of these smart models.

The Smart Oven

Smart ovens are getting more and more high-tech each year, with some models now able to connect to Wi-Fi and communicate with you via Amazon Alexa. These appliances help you multitask by allowing you to preheat, adjust the temperature, and turn the oven off from anywhere you like with your smartphone. Smart oven models are also designed to be easy to clean with grime-resistant coatings and quick self-cleaning cycles.

Now, you can spend more time enjoying family traditions rather than in the kitchen cleaning the oven after those accidental spills.

Other Smart Kitchen Appliances to Consider

In addition to these big three, there are also lots of smaller kitchen appliances that come with smart technology features to make your life easier. For example, smart coffeemakers can start your brew before you even get out of bed, smart slow cookers help you control temperature from a smartphone app, and smart blenders allow you to update your grocery list so you’ll never run short on your favourite smoothie ingredients. Other popular smart appliances and gadgets to use in the kitchen include thermometers, scales and microwaves, which are all great options if you’re looking to upgrade your current kitchen or start cooking more at home.

Benefits of Smart Kitchen Appliances Around the Holidays

There are so many benefits to having smart appliances in the kitchen throughout the year, but especially during busy holiday seasons. These are times when so much is happening in the kitchen, but smart appliances can help you focus on the reason for the season instead of stressing over all the little details that can make the holidays feel like a burden.

The Brick sells a wide variety of kitchen appliances and features the very best brands in the industry. Check out our selection of kitchen appliances to buy online, arrange for delivery or pickup, or stop by one of our many Canadian locations to see them in-person. Since smart appliances may take a little time to learn and get used to in your home, we recommend doing your shopping well before the holidays so you can become a pro at using them well in advance of your next festive gathering!