Living Room

Designed for comfort and style, decor classics anchor a living room everyone will want to kick back in.

Shop this room:

All in the details

  • Well-padded, tufted rug: comfy for floor time
  • Oversized coffee table: for family game night
  • Bounty of cushions: perfect for lounging… or fort building!

Mix, don’t match

Get a designer look by mixing complementary pieces, rather than defaulting to complete furniture collections. (Too matchy-matchy.) This room’s pulled together aesthetic comes from its natural wood tones and range of springtime hues.

Weave got it!

Things to consider when shopping for an area rug:

  • Style: If your look is more traditional, go big and place all your furniture on the carpet. A smaller area rug works for a more contemporary vibe.
  • Pile: Rug pile refers to the density and height of the fibres used in weaving the rug. Flat rugs have a short pile and vacuum up nicely and are easy to care for, where shaggy options can feel softer and more luxurious underfoot.

Add a gallery wall

Hide a secret in plain sight: our flat-panel frame TV has changeable art views. It’s a chic way to live with electronics.