Condo Living Room

Make the most of a modern high-rise space with chic, contemporary furniture in a warm, neutral palette.
Add hints of red, gold and green to bring a festive feel to your home this winter. 

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Try This:

Place a simple bench in the hallway or transitional area of your home and use for storage, display and extra seating. Complete the look with large artwork to amp up the style factor.

Style Tip:

Use the fireplace to create a focal point and prop with a mix of accessories that offer a variety of textures, shapes and patinas for an eclectic but well styled look. Adding a mirror will help to reflect the light and make the space feel bigger.

Design Lesson:

Opting for a curvy modern chaise in your furniture plan will add sophistication and uniqueness to your space. Great for lounging and reading a good book, when strategically placed, this iconic furniture piece also works to define the seating area in a smaller, open concept home or condo.

Design Lesson:

Incorporating textures like nubby fabrics, faux fur pillows and glossy surfaces into your design scheme creates a sense of calm and tones down formal pieces of furniture.