72 Equal Monthly Payments with No Interest: Administration Fee is $249.95 (not applicable in Quebec). Minimum Purchase (excluding taxes) of $799 is required. The minimum payment for this Promotional Offer (the Offer) is based on a special repayment factor of 1.389% of the amount of the Purchase for a 72 month Promotional Period. Any fees or charges financed on your Account (including Administration Fee, if applicable) will form part of your Purchase under the Promotional Offer. No interest accrues during the Promotional Period. If the minimum payment on the Account during the Promotional Period is not made, the annual interest rate (“Preferred Rate”) of 21.9% will then apply on the unpaid balance owing under this Offer at that time until it is paid in full. For accounts established in Quebec, a $35.00 Annual Fee applies on the Primary Card. An Account Statement will be provided monthly and cover a billing period (statement period) of 28-33 days. A 21 day interest-free grace period applies from statement issue date. The balance may be paid at any time before the Promotional Period ends.