Contemporary Furniture

If clean lines and neutral tones are what put you in your best mood, contemporary furniture style is the way to go. Contemporary style is all about what is happening now. When you walk into a contemporary room or see the displays in furniture stores, you’ll immediately notice a timeless, warm feel that would fit into any home. So how should you go about deciding on a sofa and matching decor for your living room?

Contemporary furniture may involve intricate details or patterns. Therefore, if you’re picking a sofa for your living room, look for simple yet classic styles. This doesn’t mean you need to shy away from texture. Contemporary sofas sometimes use texture to add an extra element to a piece without relying on bright colours or busy patterns.

For contemporary decor, consider artwork that matches the neutral colours in the room to create a cohesive and inviting palette. If you're feeling adventurous, accent the space with subtle hints of a bolder shade. For rugs and other fabric accents, lean towards simple patterns like stripes or dots. These styles won’t clash with the existing colours and will add a hint of depth to the decor without stealing focus from the atmosphere you wish to inspire. And as mentioned before, keep texture in mind. If your contemporary sofa is upholstered in leather, try some fur throw pillows in a subtle tone to add a little warmth and softness. Contemporary furniture doesn’t have to be complicated – now it's your turn to go and find out what works best in your home.