Plush Mattresses

Looking for a perfect night’s rest? Sink into total comfort on a body-cradling plush mattress. The key to a cozy, plush bed is the way it’s constructed. Plush mattresses have an extra layer of quilting under the surface layer to create more give than a firm mattress. If you’re looking for a bed you can settle into, a plush mattress is what you're after.

The body-conforming qualities of plush mattresses make them ideal for side sleepers. The flexibility of the mattress allows the foam and fibres to fill in gaps between your body and the support layer, taking pressure off of your joints. Plush mattresses are also great for back sleepers because they will support the curvature of the spine, especially near the lower back.

At the end of the day (literally), everyone is looking for a cozy bed to fall into. A plush mattress is a great choice for those who prefer a bed with a little extra give. Browse our wide selection to find the plush mattress of your dreams.