Round Tables

Shape up your dining room with a round table from The Brick. As important as the colour and material type, the shape of your dining table can determine the style of your room and your decor options. Whatever shape you choose – rectangular, square or round – should depend on the space you have and how you want to use it. You need to consider the shape of your dining room and how many people you’ll need to fit. Round tables are ideal for a smaller, square room as you can easily fit extra seats when you need to.

Another reason why round tables are better for smaller dining rooms is because the lack of corners makes them much easier to move around. In a small space, sharp table corners can become a day-to-day inconvenience, if not a hazard. With a round table in a small room, you can easily sneak out from your seat without contorting your body like a circus performer.

Finally, your seating options are more versatile with round tables. With a rectangular or square design, you're pretty much stuck with a few table settings. This is based on where the corners and legs are located. But you'll have no trouble finding the ideal spot to sit at a round table, especially one with a pedestal base. Scooch around when you need to get out of the sun's glare or better grab another helping of mashed potatoes.