Wood Tables

Looking for the perfect dining room table that’s both durable and timeless? You’ve found the right place. With a broad selection of wood dining tables, you’ll be able to find a piece to fit your style and budget. Wooden tables are a great choice because they mesh well with a variety of decor styles. For example, a wooden table with a metal frame fits well in an industrial dining room, while a solid wood table with carved details would fit better in a traditional motif. Think of the possibilities!

Another feature we love about wood tables is butterfly leaves. The panels for these extendable tables are stored right inside the tabletop, but fold out easily to allow for a bigger surface area when you need the extra space. Wood tables with butterfly panels allow for a more casual dining space to change into a formal dining area, but don’t require you to waste valuable closet space storing the leaves separately.

Wood dining tables are also fairly low maintenance. Most require nothing more than a quick wipe down with a clean cloth and a spritz of water. Many rustic tables develop a look well-loved patina with a few scratches or water stains – such imperfections provide character. At The Brick, we are Saving You More on wood tables and cleaning.