Maytag Laundry

How fresh can your clothes get? If you didn't already love laundry time, you'll fall in love with it now with a Maytag washer and dryer.

Maytag Laundry

Built Tough to Never Tire. Durable, reliable, dependable. Maytag is famous for its dedication towards high-performance, commercial-grade parts. Where some use plastics, Maytag uses metals that invites you to test these machines to their limits. It's how all of Maytag's washing machines are able to guarantee a 10-year limited parts warranty.

Maytag Washers

Maytag washing machines are recognized as providing the best cleaning in the industry with the long-term reliability you can trust. That's because of Maytag's PowerWash® system. The Power™ Impeller fully saturates clothes with its triple action spray, giving your garments a deeper clean than they've ever experienced. With special stain-tackling steam settings, ENERGY STAR®-rated efficiency and stylish steel trims, your search for a new washer starts and ends with Maytag.

Advanced Vibration Control™ Plus
No matter what you have spinning in the wash drum, Maytag washers with Advanced Vibration Control keep the shaking in check. Now you don't have to worry about excess noise; enjoy the gentle hum of our quietest machines yet.

Front Load or Top Load Washers
Get the right fit for your home. Whether you prefer a top load washing machine or a stackable front load model, Maytag has a washer perfect for your space.

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Maytag Dryers

Maytag dryers deliver the supremely soft clothes and towels you want without the scratchy stiffness of air drying. Built with long-lasting, heavy-duty industrial parts, Maytag dryers also include some of today's top freshening and wrinkle-reducing technologies. From the IntelliDry® sensor, which monitors moisture levels and automatically stops the dryer the moment your load is ready, to the static and cling-cutting steam features, you'll discover why Canada loves Maytag.

Sanitize Cycle
Blast away bacteria without even having to use your washer. Maytag's sanitize cycle eliminates up to 99.9% of the three most common types of household bacteria. So if you don't want to fade that hot new pair of designer jeans but you can no longer stand the smell, this setting will save they day.

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