Other Shipping and Delivery Options

In-Store Pick-Up

As a convenient alternative to delivery, we offer free pick-up of any purchase. Place an order online and at no additional cost to you, pick-up it up from The Brick store or distribution centre nearest you. We provide free shipping to The Brick store nearest to you for ease of pick-up! For more information about in-store pick-up, contact us at 1-877-843-2742.

To choose pick-up for online orders, select the “Pick-Up” option from the delivery options in Step 2 of the online checkout process, and then use the drop-down boxes to select the distribution centre or Brick store you'd like to pick-up your order from. Please note that the first and last name of the person picking up the order must be provided, and that a valid photo I.D. must be presented at the pick-up location before the order will be released.

Xpresspost Delivery

The Brick is pleased to offer our customers the ability to ship qualified products via Canada Post's popular Xpresspost service. An online order may contain a maximum of two (2) qualified Xpresspost items. If your order contains more than two Xpresspost qualified items, The Brick’s Truck Delivery will automatically be selected for you instead of Xpresspost Delivery. Any order that includes both Xpresspost qualified items and items that cannot be shipped via Xpresspost will be shipped in its entirety via Brick Truck Premium Delivery.

Once your Xpresspost qualified online order has been approved (estimated 1-3 business days), Xpresspost will pick up your order at The Brick Distribution Centre in your area and deliver it to your home within 2-4 business days. If you are unavailable to sign for delivery and a safe-drop location is not available, the courier will leave you a notification card indicating how to obtain your package. Please call us with questions about Xpresspost Delivery and online orders at 1-877-843-2742.

Xpresspost Delivery is not currently available in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or in the following provinces if your postal code is or starts with:

AlbertaBritish ColumbiaManitobaOntarioQuebecSaskatchewan
T0H 1R0 V0J 3B0 R0B 0A0 P0L 1A0 G0B to G0E S0J 0H0
T0H 4G0 V0N 1M0 R0B 0B0 P0L 1H0 G0G S0J 0W0
T0P 1B0 V0N 2B0 R0B 0M0 P0L 1S0 G0H to G0J S0J 2R0
  V0P 1B0 R0B 0N0 P0L 2H0 G0W S0J 2W0
  V0P 1J0 R0B 0P0 P0T 1L0 G4R to G4Z S0J 3C0
  V0P 1L0 R0B 0T0 P0T 1Z0 G5B to G5H  
  V0P 1M0 R0B 0V0 P0T 2L0 G5J  
  V0P P0 R0B 0Z0 P0T 3A0 G8B to G8H  
  V0P 1S0 R0B 1C0 P0T 3B0 G8K to G8L  
  V0P 1V0 R0B 1G0 P0V G8P  
  V0P 1W0 R0B 1H0   J0M 1A0  
  V0R 1A0 R0B 1J0   J0M 1C0  
  V0T 1L0 R0B 1K0   J0M 1G0  
  V0T 1P0 R0B 1N0   J0M 1H0  
  V0V 1A0 R0B 1Z0   J0M 1J0  
  V0V 1B0 R0B 2B0   J0M 1K0  
  V0V 1C0 R0B 2C0   J0M 1M0  
  V0V 1E0 R0B 2E0   J0M 1N0  
  V0V 1H0 R0B 2G0   J0M 1P0  
    R0B 2H0   J0M 1S0  
        J0M 1T0  
        J0M 1V0  
        J0M 1X0  
        J0M 1Y0  

Third Party Courier Delivery

Some areas in Canada are outside our standard Brick Truck delivery zones. If your Order Summary (Step 3 of the checkout process) indicates your delivery will be Third Party Courier Delivery, then your product will be shipped via an independent freight carrier with freight charges being collected from you on delivery (COD). All COD delivery charges are competitive and based on shipment from our regional distribution centre to the independent freight carrier's depot nearest you. For more information about third party shipping, contact us at 1-877-843-2742.

Outside of Canada

The Brick does not deliver to the United States. For that reason, online transactions from American customers will not be accepted. Purchases from American customers will only be processed for pick-up in Canada by presenting payment in Canada. You will be responsible for transport and importing your purchase to the United States. Please contact us at 1-877-843-2742 for additional information about ordering outside of Canada.