The Brick Furniture Warranty Plan

The Brick Warehouse LP. (“The Brick”)


This certificate (“Certificate”) contains the terms and conditions (“Terms”), limitations and exclusions (“Limitations and Exclusions”) of The Brick’s Furniture Protection Plan – Service Agreement, (the “Plan”) purchased and paid for as shown on your original invoice (“Invoice”). One or more pieces of furniture on Invoice for which the Plan was purchased referred to herein as “Product”. The customer(s) whose name(s) appear(s) on the Invoice is (are) referred to herein as “You.” In consideration of you purchasing and paying for The Plan, this Service Agreement provides coverage for domestic or personal use of the Product within Canada during the Protection Period (defined below). This Service Agreement provides for “In-Home” service within 40 km of where The Brick operates a retail store or distribution centre (“Service Area”). In some circumstances it may be necessary to remove the product from your home to complete the repair. The Brick provides you the following coverage under the Plan for a period of either (36) or (60) months for our Furniture Warranty Plan or (12) months for the Decorative Accessory Only Warranty Plan depending on the plan terms purchased commencing on the date of delivery of the Product to You (the “Protection Period”).

  1. Fabric, Synthetic and Natural Leather:
    Singular or one time accidental staining reported within a timely manner from foods, beverages, normal household grease, human and pet saliva, bodily fluids, ballpoint pen ink, cosmetics, nail polish, and crayons. Accidental punctures, rips and tears. Surface failure from cracking, peeling, failed stitching or seam separation. Structural defects including frame, legs, moving parts, reclining mechanisms, breakage or bending of metal parts, assembled joints, and electronics components.

  2. Faux and Bonded Leather:
    Singular or one time accidental staining reported within a timely manner from foods, beverages, normal household grease, human and pet saliva, bodily fluids, ballpoint pen ink, cosmetics, nail polish, and crayons. Accidental punctures, rips and tears. Structural defects including frame, legs, moving parts, reclining mechanisms, breakage or bending of metal parts, assembled joints, electronics components, stitching or seam separation. Peeling and cracking will only be covered within the 1st year manufacture warranty period.

  3. Wood Furniture and Wood Type Finishes:
    Accidental stains from liquid marks or rings from food stains and beverages, ink, cosmetics and nail polish, as well as premature fading, checking, lifting, cracking, warping and peeling of finish on solid wood/veneered/laminated furniture. Where the wood furniture incorporates fabric, the fabric protection provisions will also apply.

  4. Decorative Accessories:
    1-year accessory coverage starting from the date of delivery includes: accessory workmanship, quality and accidental one-time breakage. Coverage is intended for decorative accessories purchased at The Brick including vases, wall mirrors, table lamps, floor lamps, sculptures, framed prints, jewelry boxes and wall art. The Brick will provide 1-year Repair coverage. If The Brick determines the product is not repairable, then, at The Brick’s sole discretion, the product will be replaced at no cost to the customer. In the event the same or comparable product is not available, an in store credit may be provided to be used towards an alternate decorative accessory product. The credit will not exceed the original amount paid. In the event that a successful claim is processed under this coverage, then the warranty will be deemed used and no additional claims can be made on that particular product or any replacement product unless a new warranty is purchased.

Limitations and Exclusions
This Service Agreement does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear or soiling from everyday use including the accumulation of body perspiration;
    Repairs to the Product carried out by anyone other than authorized agents of The Brick, and damage(s) resulting there from;
    Any Product that is made of, or consists of, wicker or rattan furniture or components;
    Willful abuse, neglect or misuse of the Product;
    Failure to file a claim within 14 days (as this can impact our ability to repair/replace the product);
    Damage to the Product caused by pets (other than body fluids);
    Product that was sold AS-IS and the Invoice does not expressly specify, in the Product condition comments, the damage(s) and/or defect(s) by reason of which the Product was sold AS-IS;
    Seat cushion cores will soften with normal use and will conform to the shape of the user. This shall be considered normal wear, and shall not be considered a loss of resiliency or a material manufacturing defect.
    Variations to the appearance of the Product or of components or features of any nature whatsoever incorporated into the Product, that are attributable to the natural characteristics of the Product or components;
    Product damage caused by paint, bleach, acids or other corrosives;
    Detached decorative throw cushion;
    Factory distressing of the Product for appearance; Natural imperfections such as knot, worm holes and unusual grain patterns;
    Any commercial or rental use of the Product;
    Damage(s) to the Product caused by fraud, intentional acts, transportation, improper use, or acts of God or of nature;
    Normal fading and discoloration howsoever caused including without limitation fading and discoloration from sunlight;
    Delivery or related auxiliary fees or services;
    Anything not expressly specified in this Certificate as being covered under the Plan.
    Insect or pest infestations and measures for any treatment and control thereof.

If the Product cannot be repaired, The Brick at its options will offer a settlement and or replace the Product. Should the original Product item no longer be available, you will be offered a new similar replacement product of equal or greater value not to exceed the original purchase price of the original item.

If the Product requiring replacement is not available and was part of a matching set of Product and all pieces were purchased together and are covered under this Service Agreement, The Brick will replace the component Product only and will credit You for the depreciated value of the matching undamaged and non-defective Product in an amount equal to the original purchase price of the undamaged and non-defective Product less 0% during the first 0-12 months, less 20% from the 13th to 24th month of ownership, less 40% from the 25th to 36th month of ownership, less 60% from the 37th to 48th month of ownership and less 80% for the 49th to 60th month of ownership. 

If for any reason, The Brick, at its option, supplies a replacement or settlement for the product under this Service Agreement (the “Replacement Product”) the coverage hereunder is then deemed to have been fully expended on that piece only, notwithstanding the Protection Period. This warranty is not transferable from one owner to another.

Please contact your purchasing store to initiate a repair or warranty claim during the coverage period.