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Springwall Bella Euro-Top King Mattress

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Product Description

Enjoy the comforting, marvelous sleep you will get on this Bella Euro-top king mattress from Springwall. Zoned to provide support in all the right places, these pocket coils will ensure you won't wake up feeling stiff and sore. A conforming layer of high-density foam uses soy-based oil to naturally cushion your slumbering form. Plus, this plush foam features an egg crate design to help relieve sore pressure points. Encased with a robust foam edge, this mattress will make every day seem beautiful.

Width: 76" (193.0 cm)Height: 11" (27.9 cm)Depth: 79.50" (201.9 cm)

Key Features:

  • 760 Zoned Comfort Pockets
  • Super-Soft Foam with Gel and Hollow Fibre
  • Foam Encased
  • Insulator Pad
  • 1.5 Inches of Convoluted Bio Foam
  • Other Features

720 Springwall Zoned Comfort Pockets
Each zoned pocket coil provides superior contouring and individual support, along with reducing partner disturbance while you rest.

Super-Soft Foam with Gel and Hollow Fibre
Enjoy the luxurious cushioning layer designed for your optimum comfort.

Foam Encased
The foam border surrounding this bed extends the life of the sleep surface while offering a comfortable edge to sit on.

Insulator Pad
A comfortable layer of insulation used to cushion you from the innerspring.

1.5-Inch Convoluted Bio Foam
This bio foam is a durable, high-density material made from soy-based oil. The convoluted, "egg crate" shape adds a more plush level of comfort to this mattress.

Other Features
All of Springwall's mattresses are developed and crafted in Canada.

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