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Whirlpool Smart Tall-Tub Built-In Dishwasher - WDT975SAHZ

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Product Description

Clean your dishes from anywhere with the tap of your finger with this smart stainless steel dishwasher from Whirlpool. Let your dishwasher do the work for you – use the app on your smart device to remotely start your dishwasher anytime, customize unique cycle options and easily keep up with maintenance when you’re on the go. Take advantage of 35% more rack space with the third level rack which caters to those hard-to-fit items. Then, finish up with dry dishes thanks to the hardworking stainless steel tub.

Width: 23.87" (60.6 cm)Height: 34.5" (87.6 cm)Depth: 24.5" (62.2 cm)

Unique Features

Smart Appliance:
Care smarter with connected features that let you start cycles from your smart device, delay the wash until you've left the house and easily keep up with service, maintenance and supplies.

Third Level Rack:
Take advantage of 35% more rack space to load more dishes and get extra room for hard-to-fit items.

Download & Go™ Option:
Get customized care for every mess. Combine select cycles and options to create unique settings you can send to your dishwasher from your smart device using the Download & Go option.

Remote Start:
When set to remote enable, use your smart device to remotely turn your dishwasher on so it's ready to wash dishes when you are.

Plastic Items Cycle:
Get the gentle cleaning and lower temperatures needed for plastic items with this specialty cycle.

Voice Control with a Compatible Voice-Enabled Device:
Control your kitchen no matter what you’ve got on your hands with simple voice commands using the Google Assistant or an Alexa-enabled device.

TotalCoverage Spray Arm:
Cleans with twice the number of jets for more coverage while a smarter sequence of spray patterns from multiple nozzles hits your dishes with increased water pressure.

Canning and Brewing Items Cycle:
Clean heavily soiled items like those used for canning or brewing with this specialty cycle that uses higher water temperatures.

Sensor Cycle:
Automatically get the correct wash and dry settings for each load with two sensors that measure temperature, soil level and load size during prewash and the wash cycle.

1-Hour Wash Cycle:
Clean dishes in half the time so your plates, pans and glasses are thoroughly cleaned up and taken care of in just one hour.

Tap Touch Controls:
Clean these controls as easily as you use.

Soil Sensor:
This sensor determines how dirty dishes are and adjusts the normal cycle as needed to make sure dishes come out clean.

In-door Silverware Basket:
Free up rack space by easily fitting your silverware basket on the front of the lower rack or in the door to make room for more dishes.

Folding Tines:
Secure dishes during the wash cycle or fold down to create space for larger items.

Sani Rinse ® Option:
This unique option sanitizes dishes by eliminating 99.999% of food soil bacteria.

Stainless Steel Tub:
The tough tub promotes drying by retaining heat from wash and rinse cycles. Plus, it cools faster than the dishes do, so moisture can condensate on the interior walls and not the dishes.

Normal and Heavy Cycles:
Use the normal cycle for normal amounts of food soil from your everyday meals, or switch on the heavy cycle for those hard-to-clean dishes without the extra elbow grease.

Soak &Clean Cycle:
Presoak and wash in one cycle so stuck-on food dissolves without any extra steps.

High Temperature Wash Option:
Gives special items like baby bottles, glassware or dishes a more thorough clean.

Heated Dry Option:
Use a clean, dry dish straight from the dishwasher thanks to added heat for drying. For optimal drying results, use this option with rinse aid.

Cycle Status Indicator:
The fully lit display glows for wash, drain, drying, sanitized and clean, along with the time in hours and minutes so there's no need to guess when your dishes will be ready.

Maintenance Alerts and Guided Service:
Get notified when it's time to clean or change your filter with an alert sent straight to your smart device. You can also keep track of scheduled appointments and issues by using the Whirlpool app to send data from the appliance directly to Whirlpool brand customer service.

Enhanced Troubleshooting:
Get immediate support for quick solutions by using your smart device to easily access troubleshooting videos.

Control Lock Mode:
Use your smartphone or tablet to remotely disable the control panel to avoid unintended use.

Scan-to-Connect Technology:
You don't need to be a tech expert to connect your new appliance. Simply open the Whirlpool app, add your appliance and follow the guided experience to get up and running quickly.

ENERGY STAR ® Certified:
Energy Star certified models exceed government standards to help save money on your utility bills.

General Details





Appliance Features

Child Lock, Fingerprint-Resistant, High-Efficiency, Smart Capable

Dishwasher Type


Finish Colour

Stainless Steel

Control Panel

Electronic Touch

Handle Type

Towel-bar style

Tub Type

Stainless Steel

Noise Level (dB)


Energy Consumption

120 V

Dishwashing Details


Adjustable Third Level

Silverware Basket

In-door, Rack

Wash System

Filter, 3 Arms

Cycle Details

Wash Cycles

  • Download & Go
  • 1-Hour Wash
  • Normal
  • Heavy
  • Soak & Clean
  • Sensor Wash

Wash Options

  • 1-24 Hour Delay
  • Control Lock
  • Extended Dry
  • Heated Dry
  • Hi Temp Wash
  • Sani Rinse

Installation Details

Instruction Manual URL

Instruction Manual

Additional Details

Technology Features


Safety Details

See manual. Always unplug before service.

Additional Information

1-Plastic Cup Shelf

Additional Dimensions

Other Dimensions

  • Carton Depth: 26.5
  • Carton Height: 35.625
  • Carton Width: 24.5


When you purchase a Protection Plus Plan, the following additional features and benefits will be made available to you from the date of delivery or pick-up of your new product:


You will be entitled to a credit in an amount equal to the price paid (less taxes) (the “Credit”) for the extended warranty you purchased if no claims have been made under the Protection Plus Plan Extended Warranty you purchased. The Credit may be redeemed at any Brick location towards your next Furniture, Mattress and/or related Accessories purchase of $400.00 or more within 90 days after the date your Plan expires. Multiple eligible Full Circle Credits may be combined provided they fall within the same 90 day period. The Credit redemption is available only after expiration of the claims free warranty period of the Plan, and has no cash value and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Any unredeemed Credit amounts will be forfeited without notice. See complete details.

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We will give you back 100% of the value of the warranty towards a future purchase.
Credit is applicable towards a future furniture purchase of $400 or more. Additional fees apply. See complete details.

Food loss
If the Product covered by the Protection Plus Plan is a refrigerator or freezer, The Brick location will reimburse you for any perishable items only that are deemed unusable as a result of the Product’s refrigeration system from date of delivery through the expiry of the protection plan period. All food loss claims must be verified. Food loss added protection is limited to a cumulative maximum amount of over the entire protection period: $200.00 for a refrigerator (includes built in freezer) and $500.00 for a chest or upright freezer. The cumulative value cannot exceed the purchase price of the appliance (less taxes).

When you purchase a Protection Plus Plan and an Installation service on your original invoice, The Brick will allow up to $150 allowance for any installation expenses when a valid repair claim results in a replacement of a dishwasher or an Over the counter Microwave (OTR). Our Licensed installation experts are always available to provide all installation services you may need. See complete details.
*** excludes counter top microwaves ***

Our service network strives to return your Product to working condition within a reasonable repair time frame. At the sole discretion of the retailer and based on location, product availability, and estimated service repair time, we will provide you a loaner refrigerator while your appliance is being repaired.

You may cancel this plan and receive a full refund of the purchase price you paid for it, within 30 days of the purchase dated indicated on your invoice, by providing written notice of cancellation to the nearest Brick location.

Basic Dishwasher Installation
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Whirlpool Smart Tall-Tub Built-I...

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