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How to Choose the Right Queen Mattress Set

Picking out a mattress is a decision worthy of dedicating a little extra time. On average, we spend six to eight hours a night sleeping. That’s around 42 hours per week. So taking the time to find the right mattress is time well spent. Now that you’ve browsed the different mattress sizes and selected one (a queen bed, for example), it's time to choose the comfort level. You want to pick a queen mattress set that will cradle you to sleep. There are three main comfort levels to choose from: firm mattresses, plush mattresses and luxury firm mattresses.

Some people prefer sleeping on a firm mattress. While plush mattress fans may not understand the appeal, firm mattresses have surprising health benefits. Firm mattresses help keep your spine straighter while you sleep because they offer more support. This, in turn, takes pressure off of your circulatory system to promote blood flow. Memory foam mattresses are a good option for those who prefer firm mattresses because they conform to and support your body, rather than sinking in like a plush mattress

Plush mattresses have their benefits, too. Because softer mattresses have more give than a firm mattress, they can help take pressure off of joints. For this reason, plush mattresses are especially comfortable for side sleepers. The comfort of a softer mattress cradles side sleepers in a way to help alleviate joint pain. If you’re pro plush mattresses but share a bed with someone who prefers a firm bed, you can compromise by getting a firm, pillow-top mattress.

Last but not least is the luxury firm mattress. This mattress is the best of both worlds. It’s not super firm or super plush – it’s perfectly in the middle. These mattresses feature softer outer upholstery with a mattress that leans towards the firmer side, due to the luxury firm foam. However, when paired with a pillow-top, cooling gel and memory foam, these mattresses deliver the ideal blend of plush and firm. A luxury firm mattress may be the ultimate in win-win decisions.

Selecting the best mattress for you comes down to personal preference. Consider the benefits of a firm, plush or luxury firm mattress, and weigh them according to your needs. Also, if you’re sharing a bed, don't forget to consider the needs of your partner. As long as you go through the different options and consider the pros and cons of each, you’ll find the perfect queen mattress set in no time.