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Since 1971, Canadians have been choosing The Brick to furnish their homes. We're known for selling high quality household furniture, mattresses, appliances and home electronics at great prices.

Our Motto:

At The Brick, we're dedicated to saving you more

The Brick's friendly and professional people work hard for our customers every day. Our head office is proudly based in Edmonton, Alberta, and we operate more than 220 stores across Canada. We're not just The Brick - we're also The Brick Mattress Store, The Brick Super Store and The Brick Outlet.

The Brick Group

Our Company additional subsidiaries, including MidNorthern Appliance, a commercial and residential appliance supplier, and First Oceans, which sources furniture and other products for our business.

Also part of The Brick Group is TransGlobal Service, which provides after-sales support to customers, and TransGlobal Insurance, which sells property and life insurance across Canada. TransGlobal Warranty Corp., meanwhile, administers our extended warranty programs.

Our Employees

Whether they work at one of our stores, in distribution centers or at our head office, our employees are driven by providing great customer service. This dedication is the foundation upon which The Brick's staff build long-lasting and meaningful careers.

We know our customers care about quality and price - and we do too. That's why we work directly with manufacturers to find the best deals. This way, we get higher quality control and lower prices.


Canadians know they can find the perfect places to turn their houses into homes at The Brick. Our friendly associates are experts in our extensive product lines and are always ready to help. They can find the perfect product package so you get exactly what you need for your home without paying for products you don't want.

Our Stores

From British Columbia, to the Northwest Territories, to Nova Scotia, there is a Brick team focused on saving you more.