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Do you remember the lights, sounds and excitement of arcades from the eighties and nineties? Now you can experience those thrilling times once again! Relive the moments when a handful of quarters meant life or death and enjoy fun-packed days of endless entertainment.

No Quarters Required

The Brick has all your childhood favourites, from side-scrolling adventures to multi-player fighting tournaments. Our retro gaming products are available in different exciting versions and include titles from all the major players – Atari™, Bandai Namco™, Capcom™ and more! Explore our assortment of classic gaming machines today.

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Immersive Full-Colour High-Resolution Displays and Sounds

Our arcade cabinets have the classic arcade joystick and button configuration you remember. Additional add-ons include matching stools and risers for endless hours of gaming with just a touch more comfort. These are the only home arcade machines with officially licensed cabinet artwork and games, with unique controls for every game created to imitate the originals.

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The classic arcade joystick and button configuration you remember.

Legends Arcade Platform

The Legends Arcade Platform provides instant play with a growing selection of games, online play, and high-score leaderboards. These high-performance games have Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth support built right in, allowing you to expand your game assortment to near infinite levels. This unique platform also offers live streaming through the most popular services, bringing classic arcade gameplay into the modern age.

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Digital Pinball

Tilt, nudge and flip your way to the all-time high score with Arcade1Up’s replica digital pinball machines. With a rich history spanning back hundreds of years, pinball is making a return once again thanks to its timeless gameplay, easy-to-learn controls and strategy.

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Arcade 1Up

Our Arcade1Up cabinets are built to ¾ scale and feature the classic controls, gameplay and graphics you remember. You can even raise the height of your machine by one foot and make the controls accessible for stand-up play with the Arcade1Up all-wood riser – included with new units! Arcade1Up also offers head-to-head seated table games, and portable countertop models that weigh in at under ten pounds.

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MyArcade Mini Players and MyArcade Micro Players are ideal if you desire an authentic, nostalgic arcade gaming experience. Featuring premium audio and displays, these products offer a much more portable, yet equally exciting option for all the classic gaming super-fans out there. Add some vintage flair to your bar top, desk, or counter with these compact arcades.

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Relive those Action-packed Afternoons!

The Brick’s love for all things retro gaming is clear – you can see it in the faithfully reproduced designs and features of our arcade line-up. We want you to share your childhood passion with your kids, challenge your friends to an old favourite, or just relish the feeling of finally beating the game that took all that money from you back in 1989. Bring the human connection back into gaming and relive the classics that started it all.