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Our delivery and transport services remain committed to safety measures so that our customers can continue to receive the home delivery they expect. Where COVID-19 restrictions allow, we are offering more choices than ever. We are conducting pre-screening calls and have equipped our delivery and service teams with safety equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. To see which service choice is available in your area, please contact your local Brick store.


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Room of Choice Delivery:
We will deliver your product and take it to the room of your choice. Our delivery team members are required to wear a mask whenever entering your home. To see if this service is available in your area, please contact your local Brick store to ensure this service is available for you.

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Contactless/Threshold Delivery:
Our delivery team will deliver product to the exterior of the home at the threshold, at the front door, porch or into a garage. We will take pictures and communicate by telephone & text if required.

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Being mindful that the health and safety of our customers is our top priority, at the time of confirmation, a customer service representative will enquire about the health of your household. We will ask the following:

"As we prepare to confirm your delivery, we just wanted to remind you that the health and safety of all our customers and employees is our top priority. With that said, I would like to check if there is anyone in your home who has flu-like symptoms or is currently in isolation due to possible exposure to Coronavirus?"

If the answer is NO: In-home room-of-choice delivery will be offered.

If the answer is YES: For the health and safety of all our customers and employees, we can only offer our contactless delivery at this time. We will note this on your account. If you would still like the full in-home delivery service, we will have to postpone until the risk has been lifted.

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Maintaining a Safe Distance

For the health and safety of both our customers and delivery personnel, in accordance with public health guidelines we require customers to maintain safe physical distancing guidelines and to be appropriately masked. For in home deliveries, you and anyone else in your home will need to be in another room until the delivery has been completed and our delivery team leaves your home. Delivery teams will refuse service if they feel conditions in a home to be unsafe or that public health guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 are not being followed.

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Appliances will be removed from packaging, put in place as required, levelled and units will be plugged in. Any interior packaging will not be removed. Refrigerators and freezers should not be turned on until at least 1 hour after delivery. Water or gas hook-ups will be customers’ responsibility.

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Will be removed from the packaging, put into place, levelled and plugged in. Stacking bolts and locks will be removed. Stacking laundry and pedestals will be set up. Only new hoses for washers and metal dryer hoses (purchased at The Brick) will be connected. Plastic dryer hoses will not be connected. Connection of gas dryers will be customers’ responsibility. Please ensure the first laundry loads are supervised.

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Built-in Ovens/Cooktops/Dishwashers

Will be removed from the packaging if you request it and left on cardboard to avoid any potential floor damage. Connection of gas ranges and dishwashers will be customers’ responsibility.

Mattresses/Boxsprings Icon Small Appliances/Electronics/Lamps Icon Small Appliances/Electronics/Lamps Icon Small Appliances/Electronics/Lamps Icon

Bedroom Sets/Wall Units/Occasional Tables/Dining Rooms

Furniture will be placed in your room of choice (if placing on tile or hardwood floors, you should be prepared to install felt pad protection). For bedroom sets, the mirror will be attached to the dresser, headboard and footboard will be attached to the bed frame. Customers will be responsible for installing handles to drawers. For dining rooms, the table base or legs will be installed, and hutches will be placed on top of the buffet. Customer will be responsible for installing handles on drawers and doors.

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TVs Over 37 Inches

TV’s over 37” will be removed from packaging for inspection and the TV base mounted if requested. Please retain all original packaging for at least 30-days after delivery. We recommend that if you are planning to wall mount your TV, that it remain in the packaging (after inspection with delivery team) until you are ready to installation.

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Mattress and boxspring will be unwrapped and placed in frames or on bedroom sets. If a metal or adjustable bed frame has been purchased, it will be assembled. Mattress and boxspring will be removed from your home on a one-for-one basis as noted and paid for on the sales order.

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Will have the legs installed if required (if placing on tile or hardwood floors, you should be prepared to install felt pad protection). Furniture will be placed in your room of choice. Sofa beds and recliners will be unlocked. For recliners, backs will be installed together with handles.

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Signature/Photos Required

A signature will be required at the time of delivery.

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Removal and Recycling

Is offered on a one-for-one basis with the Premium Delivery Service only as noted and paid for on the sales order. Any customer owned mattresses and boxsprings that are to be removed must be placed in bags provided by the store and the bags sealed tight with proper packing tape by the customer prior to our team removing these from your home. If you purchased online, the delivery team should have a removal bag for you.

Existing appliances (with gas or water connections) that are to be removed by our Delivery Teams must be thoroughly cleaned and disconnected prior to the Team’s arrival. Ensure that any water/power/vent/hoses/connections for refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers & dryers are disconnected prior to the Delivery Team’s arrival.

Due to health & safety reasons our delivery team will refuse to pick-up any product that does not appear to be in a clean & sanitary condition. If that product is to be picked-up at a later date, once it has been thoroughly cleaned, another delivery service fee will be applicable.

Small Towns/Rural or Special Delivery Service

For deliveries Out of Town (OT) or Special Deliveries (SP), we will deliver and place all new items purchased in the room of choice. Unpacking, any assembly, set-up or installation will be the customer’s responsibility. We do not offer removal of old appliances or mattresses for out-of-town deliveries.

Ready to Assemble/(RTA) Icon

Ready to Assemble/(RTA)

RTA product is indicated on the front of your invoice with an "R" located next to the item. Items sold online will have the Customer Assembly Required wrench next to the product details. Items will be placed in your room of choice, and will be left in the packaging by the Delivery Team. All assembly instructions are in the packaging. For missing parts please call the 1-800 number indicated in the assembly manual included with your product.

Although certain setup and/or installation options may not be offered by our delivery personnel, the service may still be available in your area. If you require assistance with setup or installation, please call 1-888-933-8786.

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If you have any questions or need to reschedule your delivery just chat with us, use our handy contact us form or store locator. A chat agent or customer service rep will be happy to make these changes for you. Please note we require 48 hours notice prior to your delivery date in order to make alternate arrangements.

Customers will be informed at point-of-sale, point-of-confirmation, by text & email message and by delivery team that they are required to maintain current physical distancing guidelines.

After allowing the delivery team access to their home they would be required to remain in another room while the delivery team is working within the home

Tips and Tricks for a Great Delivery Experience

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  • Measurements should be taken in advance to ensure items purchased will fit. In a situation where your purchase may be a tight fit, you have the option of approving our attempt for delivery by releasing us from liability for any potential damage to your home or property (a signed release is required), or by returning to the store to make an alternative selection.

  • Access to the home, including driveway & walkway, should be clear of obstacles, debris and snow or ice, and with all pets secured. Please ensure interior flooring is protected.

  • Ensure the area where you want new merchandise to be placed is clean & clear.

  • Ensure that a responsible adult is present to accept & acknowledge receipt of the delivery in good order.

  • You must have purchased new hoses (from the Brick) for washers and a metal dryer vent hose In order for the Delivery Team to assist in any laundry hook-ups or installations required.

  • If you are placing upholstery on tile or hardwood flooring, felt pad protection should be used and should be purchased prior to delivery or included in your order.

  • A store representative (or automated service) will contact you 2-3 days prior to delivery to re-confirm the delivery date and address. Orders that cannot be verbally confirmed will be rescheduled.

  • In most major markets, the day prior to, or on the day of delivery, our driver or automated service will call and provide you with a courtesy estimated 3-hour delivery time window as to when they will arrive. You may also use our handy day of delivery tracker.

  • The Delivery Team will attempt to contact you in advance if the delivery window cannot be met due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Due to health and safety regulations, our Delivery Teams are required to wear approved safety footwear at all times. Please ensure you take measures to protect your flooring.

  • Please ensure you give the Delivery Team all attachments and hardware for any potential product returns.

  • We require 48 hours notice prior to your delivery date in order to make alternate arrangements. Estimated delivery time windows cannot be altered once routed.

  • Please use our handy printable checklist with all the information above.