Create Your Dream Gaming Room with These 5 Tips

Whether you’re into Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite or another video game right now, there’s nothing quite like having your very own private gaming room at home.

Hardcore gamers need a special place in the house for focused and fun game play…a place that’s comfortable and convenient with everything you need within reach. Create your own virtual sanctuary with these five gaming room design tips and let the games begin!

1. Create Your Ultimate Gaming Setup

The focal point of your gaming setup will likely be the PC or TV, but there’s a whole lot more that goes into transforming a boring old room into a gamer’s paradise.

For ideas and inspiration, browse through The Brick’s electronics page that highlights gaming consoles, arcade cabinets and accessories. From high-tech consoles to joysticks, and the connections you need to make it all work, a great gaming room design begins by having all the gear you need in one place. From here, consider the size of the room, the electric installation, the internet connectivity and the room’s lighting to really start personalizing this space.

Arcade1Up Star Wars™ Digital Pinball

2. Get Comfortable Seating

Every gamer deserves an amazing chair to sit back and enjoy the virtual experience with a touch of comfort and luxury. Gaming chairs stand out from ordinary desk chairs because they’re ultra-modern, colourful and full of personality. Liven up your gaming room with a gamer chair that’s blue and green or red and white. Meanwhile, rocker gamer chairs with built-in speakers will take your game play to the next level as you beat the enemy team like never before.

If you like multi-player games or occasionally have a spectator to admire your skills, make sure to have seating in your gaming room for more than just yourself. Couches and futons are great additions to gaming rooms to make them more social environments. Oh, and don’t forget about a coffee table and end tables so that everyone has a place to set down their drinks and snacks.

3. Keep It Organized

When you’re ready to settle into a long gaming session, the last thing you want is to be all tangled up in wires and cords.

Every gaming room needs a gaming TV stand and maybe a couple bookshelves on either side of it or in the corner of the room to keep everything organized. These are perfect places to stash away your games, controllers and accessories when you’re not using them. We love open bookshelves for this purpose so you can display your collection for all the world to see. For gaming equipment storage, we recommend the Cannery Bridge Bookcase because of its mix of open and closed adjustable shelves. Serious gamers might also consider the Barrister Lane Wide Bookcase with its three wide shelves plus a top shelf to display gaming memorabilia, action figures and awards.

Antoni 3-Piece Entertainment Centre with 65” TV Opening

4. Make Sure You Have Great Audio

It’s easy to focus on the amazing visuals of your favourite games, but no gaming room is complete without an awesome audio setup. A gaming soundbar will help you enjoy your games to fullest extent with perfectly balanced audio that fills the room with the most advanced acoustic technologies. A top pick among gamers is Monster’s Bluetooth soundbar with a wireless subwoofer, seven light shows to illuminate your room and a size that fits right under a computer monitor or widescreen TV.

Since gaming can get pretty loud, you might also want to install soundproofing inside your gaming room or at least update the room’s carpeting, area rugs or drapes. If noise levels are a big issue in your house, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a must for your gaming room for when you really need to keep it down.

5. Go Retro and Create Your Own Arcade

But if you really enjoy gaming, why stop at just the Xbox and PlayStation?

Arcade-style games instantly elevate any gaming room and create an engaging social atmosphere that you’ll love spending time in. Classic arcade games are an awesome addition to any gaming room because they’re nostalgic for adults and a ton of fun for kids too. At-home arcade machines often come equipped with a dozen or more classic titles, or you can be a purist and just stick to an iconic pinball or a Pac-Man machine. It’s the easiest way to go retro without ever having to leave the house.

Are you ready to set up a gaming room that looks like a page right out of a magazine? The Brick is here to help!