Five Low-Commitment Ways to Redesign Your Walls

If you’re looking for a low-commitment and high-impact way to update your space, re-imagining the walls has the power to transform a room completely. Adding millwork, hanging wallpaper or simply applying a fresh coat of paint can change a room's look and feel without investing in an entirely new design plan. There are several different ways to accomplish redesigning your walls easily. Read on for tips on giving your walls a design refresh.

Wall Panelling

Wall panelling, which can completely transform an entire wall, is millwork that typically covers the whole surface from floor to ceiling. Wall panelling is typically made of wood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) as an alternative. Wall panelling can be installed vertically or horizontally. For additional visual interest, wall panelling can be installed in different patterns, like diagonal or herringbone, or styles like beadboard, tongue-and-groove, flat panelling and board-and-batten. Hiring a professional to install panelling is usually best to ensure precision.

You can also show the fifth wall some love by adding panelling to the ceiling. Designing the ceiling is a great way to add texture to an otherwise flat space and draw the eye upwards. Painting the panelling white will lend a crisp, open feel to the room, while opting to go for a dark hue creates a cozy, moody feel.

Devlin Velvet Sofa - Green


Wainscoting has the power to transform the aesthetic of a room completely. As a traditional wallcovering, wainscoting is timeless and is one of the best ways to add depth, dimension and interest to a room. Wainscoting also breaks up the length of a wall. This type of panelling typically covers three-quarters or the bottom half of the wall. A wall with wainscoting usually includes moulding at the top to create a visual break from the wall. Like wall panelling, hiring a professional to install wainscoting is usually best to ensure a professional application.

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What is shiplap? While shiplap may feel like an HGTV-inspired trend, it's been around for centuries. There are several ways to use shiplap in a way that’s more unexpected than the traditional horizontal shiplap wall, such as:

  1. Hanging a shiplap ceiling to draw the eye up.
  2. Installing the panels vertically to make the room appear taller.
  3. Painting the shiplap panels a dark hue instead of the more traditional white paint colour choice.

Reach out to a local carpenter or handyman to ensure your shiplap installation would make Chip and Joanna proud!

Carrara 5-Piece Dining Package

Wall Paint

Painting is more DIY-friendly than adding panelling and wainscoting. A new coat of paint can completely transform a stale room and the colour choice has such an impact on the space. A light, muted paint shade can create a light and airy vibe, while a darker more saturated tone creates a moody and cozy environment. When you’re painting your walls, don’t forget the ceiling! One way to bring your fifth wall out of a white ceiling rut is by painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls, but choosing a lighter version of your wall colour. This will create a more subtle ceiling colour.

To create a space with maximum impact, consider painting the entire room the same colour, including the walls, ceiling, window frames and mouldings. This approach creates a dramatic, yet cozy cocooned effect. It can also make the ceilings appear taller.

You can also use paint to create a feature wall. This approach works especially well in a home office, as it creates an interesting backdrop for Zoom conference calls.

The most important thing is to test multiple paint colours on the wall in different lights when painting. Check how you like the paint colour in the morning, mid-day and evening light. And, just because you like a paint colour in someone else's home or on social media doesn’t mean it will look the same in your house.

Carter 2-Piece Left-Facing Linen-Look Fabric Sleeper Sectional - Solis Grey


accent wall or even wallpapering the ceiling, wallpaper can make any room look like it’s a part of a designer showroom. At The Brick, we know and trust Rocky Mountain Decals for all of our wallpapering needs!

Below are Rocky Mountain Decals’ wallpaper measuring instructions to make your wallpaper project easy:

  1. Measure the width of the wall in inches.
  2. Each Rocky Mountain Decal one-piece wallpaper panel is 23.5” wide. Take the width of the wall and divide by 23.5”. Take that total number and round up.
  3. Measure the height of the wall in inches.
  4. Use the following example to determine the amount of wallpaper: A wall that is 165” wide by 94” high. 165/23.5=7.2, so you will need 8 rolls (don’t forget to round up!) of the 23.5 x 94 inch wallpaper.

Thanks to removable wallpaper (also known as peel and stick), hanging wallpaper can easily be a DIY job. When investing in aesthetic wallpaper, the most important thing to do is double-check your measurements so you don’t run short. Checking measurements is especially important if your wallpaper has a repeating pattern.

Rocky Mountain Wallpapers

Here are some of our favourite wallpaper styling tips:

  1. Baby Girl Nursery: Pair a green wallpaper, like Rocky Mountain Decals’ Forest Fairies Wallpaper on the walls, with a blush pink paint colour on the crown moulding and trim for a soft, sweet and whimsical look.
  2. Powder Room: Give your powder room a tropical flair with Rocky Mountain Decals’ Pineapple Wallpaper on the walls and a rich navy or olive green paint colour on the ceiling.
  3. Home Office: Pair Rocky Mountain Decals’ Eucalyptus Dream Wallpaper on the ceiling for a surprise when you look up, with a soft green paint colour on the walls for an overall calming effect during hectic work days.

Unique wallcoverings can transform a room without undergoing the stress and financial commitment of a complete home renovation. While these wall redesign tips range from DIY options to professional installation, simply sprucing up your walls can still have a substantial impact on your space.