KitchenAid Cooking

KitchenAid cooking appliances give you consistency and precision to ensure you have all the tools you need to hone your techniques and make chef-level meals at home.

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Available Features

Even-Heat™ True Convection

With a third heating element and a dedicated fan to circulate hot air around your food, the oven stays at the perfect temperature so you can get an even, thorough cook for all your masterpieces.

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SatinGlide™ Roll-Out Extension Rack

With smooth ball bearings and an easy-grip handle, you can confidently cook large and heavy dishes with the rack that that allows easy loading.

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CookShield Finish

Protect your cooktop from stains and high-temperature cooking with a permanent finish that wipes clean without harsh chemicals – it stays clean, bright and beautiful for even longer.

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CrispWave™ Technology

Fry, grill, and crisp up your favourite foods with this convection cooking feature in select KitchenAid microwaves. The specially designed crisper pan can be used to effortlessly turn your meals golden brown.

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Automatic Turn-On

Protect your cabinetry from damage with an intuitive venting system that automatically turns on when it senses the presence of extra heat.

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