DIY Reading Nook Ideas for Book Lovers

Whether you’re into the latest mystery thrillers, cheesy romance stories or historical biographies to learn something new, there’s nothing quite like curling up somewhere cozy with a good book. The great thing about reading is that you can do it essentially anywhere. But your favourite hobby becomes even more special when you have a designated place to tune out all the distractions of the world and let the words on the page really come alive.

Here's how to create a perfect DIY reading nook and some reading nook ideas to make this literary haven as personalized and comfortable as possible.

Find the Right Light

The first step to creating a reading nook is finding a great location. Perhaps an empty corner of your bedroom or office? Maybe a bay window that looks out into nature or a renovated attic space that's ultra-cozy?

Wherever you choose, pay attention to the lighting so that you set the mood for relaxation and avoid eye strain at the same time. A lamp can either make or break your reading nook so make your selection wisely!

For reliable overhead lighting with a touch rustic style, the Bean Bronze Metal Floor Lamp is awesome for reading nooks and can adjust to suit your nook's setup. For more targeted lighting on your reading nook table, we love the Thomas Table Lamp with USB Port and Wireless Charger for its charming industrial vibe and all the high-tech modern conveniences you love.

Search for the Comfiest Chair

The next thing to focus on with your DIY reading nook is a comfy place to sit. A reading nook chair should be upright and supportive enough so you don't fall asleep, but also cushiony and luxurious to encourage you to snuggle right in and stay for a while.

One of the best chairs to snuggle in is the Harmony Corded Microfibre Cuddler Swivel Chair because of its super-soft corded texture, pocket coil springs and extra-wide seating to curl your knees up. If you'd rather stretch out and relax as you read, the Arlo Fabric Chaise is perfectly curved to fit your body and packed with high-density foam for many hours of enjoyable reading.

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Cozy Up with Lovely Blankets

Blankets add instant warmth, colour and coziness to a DIY reading nook – especially when they're paired with a throw pillow or two to prop up your feet or place behind your back for lumbar support.

Think any old blanket will do for your reading nook? Think again!

You can upgrade your reading space with a weighted blanket to instantly relieve stress from your day and settle into your favourite reading spot with a chill body and mind. Weighted blankets definitely aren't just for sleeping. Try one in your reading chair and you'll see why.


Don't Forget a Side Table for Books and Snacks

When you’re pulling together your best reading nook ideas, make convenience a top priority. After all, who wants to get up for a drink or snack once you’re all settled in with a good book?

If you're the type of reader who likes to switch between books depending on your mood, add an end table with book storage to your reading nook. For example, the

If reading newspapers and magazines is more your style, think about adding an accent table with a built-in magazine rack to your list of reading nook ideas. The slanted holder will keep all your periodicals organized and leave the table top free for a glass of wine and a DIY snack plate

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