The Best Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors: what are they good for?

Seeing your reflection and making sure you look your best before heading out the door. But mirrors can do a whole lot more than just that. Mirrors are creative pieces of home décor and they create the illusion of space in small areas and they reflect the light to brighten up your room. Better yet, there are so many kinds of mirrors and ways to use them in the different rooms of your house. Here are some tips for how to style a mirror and add a whole new dimension to your home’s interior design.

Placement is Key

Mirrors can go in lots of different places in a house, but not necessarily everywhere. Mirrors are a logical part of any bathroom and work well above the sink.

In the bedroom, it’s worth learning about how to style a full-length mirror so that you can check your outfit before going out. Full-length bedroom mirrors can be placed on a large wall, behind a door or inside a closet.

Mirrors on walls look great in hallways to help these narrow areas appear more spacious and reflect the natural light. It’s also nice to hang a mirror above your fireplace to add some drama to the room or on a dining room table or coffee table with some candles placed on top to highlight their ambient glow.

As a general rule, don’t place mirrors on walls that face windows to avoid an annoying glare, and stick to placing larger mirrors on larger walls and smaller mirrors on smaller walls so that the room doesn’t feel off-balance.


Hang or Lean, It’s Up to You

While small mirrors are usually best hung up on the wall, you can choose to either hang large mirrors or lean them against a wall, dresser or cabinet. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so some are obviously more practical to display one way or the other. If you have kids or pets in the home, it’s a good idea to hang mirrors high enough and not within reach to prevent shattering and possible cuts from broken glass.

But if that isn’t a concern in your household, leaning a mirror against the wall is an easy decorating alternative that helps you preserve your walls without nail holes. Leaning your mirrors can really make a tiny space feel larger because of the angle to the floor.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

Large mirrors make instant statement pieces in a house and are both functional and decorative. A large, full-length mirror, like the 16-inch by 60-inch Silver Easel Mirror, provides a beautifully stylish touch to any bedroom, living room, or dining room. These types of mirrors aren’t just for bedrooms and are actually great for filling in an awkward corner and expanding the visual space of other rooms of the house.

Something else we love about full-length mirrors is that some of them let you hide your favourite jewelry inside. A jewelry mirror cabinet provides all the benefits of a large mirror with the added perks of keeping your earrings organized, bracelets uncluttered and necklaces tangle-free.

Nicolet Accent Cabinet

Mix and Match to Create a Focal Piece

Although many people think of mirrors only for how they help you get ready for your day, they can also make stunning focal pieces in any room of the house. Some unique mirrors are statement pieces all on their own, like the Perth Mirror or the Novello Decorative Mirror. But you can also combine multiple mirrors in different sizes, shapes and materials to the same wall so that they accentuate each other in an artistic way.

For example, you might embrace a circular theme on a large accent wall by centering the Dublin Circle Mirror and placing a Half Moon Decorative Mirror on each side of it. Or for a vintage look, you might place the elegant Venetian Mirror in the same part of the room as a Round Beaded Mirror for an extra touch of luxury.

We hope this article has helped you think about mirrors in a whole new way! Shop at The Brick today for the most beautiful and high-quality mirrors, and feel free to ask us any questions about how to best use them in your house.