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Expand your living area this season – no construction required. All it takes to achieve this #SummerGoal is an all-season patio set and well-chosen accessories. Make the most of the season by enjoying more of it outside. Here’s our take on stylish outdoor rooms for every lifestyle and budget. 

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TIP #1:

Choose multifunctional outdoor furniture. This piece can be used as a footrest, seat, or a side table if you top with a tray.

TIP #2:

Decorate an outdoor room with as much care as any indoor room. Layer it up with throws, cushions, accessories and mood lighting. Display collections, such as these travel-inspired straw baskets and hats, for a look that’s unique to your space.

TIP #3:

Look for hidden storage. This ottoman features a roomy compartment under its lid, helping to ensure a clutter-free outdoor conversation area.

TIP #4:

Add a durable indoor/outdoor rug. It will help define an outdoor space, giving it a more room-like vibe. For an alfresco dining area, choose a rug that’s large enough to fit both the dining table and the chairs, with room for the chairs to move back.

TIP #5:

Go modular. Sectionals eliminate wasted corner space, and can be reconfigured as needed. Sit, rest your legs, or sprawl: You can do it all, even on a small deck or balcony.

TIP #6:

Elevate your alfresco entertaining. Create a resort-style dining banquette by pairing a tall table with sectional seating. Style the space with bold, graphic cushions and tropical plants.

TIP #7:

Design a secondary outdoor space. If your home is blessed with plenty of room, carve out an extra seating area. It’s perfect for parties, or when parents and kids are entertaining guests at the same time.