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A washer and dryer go together like milk and cookies, oil and vinegar, peanut butter and jelly. Getting stains like that out of your clothes make you want to turn to the smartest laundry choice around. But it can be agitating work to figure out which washer dryer combo to choose. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind when deciding on the best washer and dryer for you.

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First, decide whether you want a front load washer or a top load washer. You have two choices with top loaders: standard top loaders have an agitator column in the middle of the washer, and High Efficiency washers don’t. The agitator-free design creates more space in HE top load washers, so they can hold more laundry – plus some studies say they perform better overall compared to regular top load washers, and they’re neck-and-neck with front loaders. Top loaders generally cost less than front loaders and tend to take less time to complete a cycle than their front-oriented counterparts. It can be easier to load clothes into a top-loading washer, since you don’t have to bend down

Front loaders have been shown to clean better, use less water and energy, and spin faster, eliminating more water from the washer, which cuts down on drying time. To give your front loader a leg up, add a pedestal, which can make it easier to load clothes. Bonus: pedestals usually come with a drawer to store laundry room essentials out of sight. Another advantage of a front load washer is that you can use your laundry appliances as a stackable washer and dryer.

Large and In Charge

A sizable aspect of selecting a washer and dryer is the capacity. Start with the washer. For a helpful comparison, let’s use different size capacities versus clothing items washed.

  • Regular-sized washers = 3.1 to 4.0 cu. ft. = around 38 shirts. Perfect for individuals or couples.
  • Large washers = 4.2 to 4.5 cu. ft. = about 20 bath towels. A smart choice for small families or couples who do laundry frequently.
  • Extra-large machines = 5.0 cu. ft. or more = a Queen-sized comforter and sheet set. Ideal for large families who are almost always running a cycle.

Once you have your washer picked out, you should look for a dryer with about double the numeric capacity of your washer — this allows for a load of clothes to expand when drying.
Be sure to measure your space before you buy, too — you don’t want any surprises during installation. Choosing a large capacity for your washer and dryer means 2-3 inches more in width than the standard 27 inches for either. Give yourself 6 inches behind the washer for hookups and 1 inch between your washer and dryer combo for optimal operation.

Feature Presentation

Now the fun part: the features that make your washer and dryer a dynamic duo (ridding your clothes of stains and wrinkles in a single bound!). Automatic dispensers release detergent and other laundry additives like fabric softener at the proper time, and even hold enough detergent for up a few weeks. Want a quick fix for your laundry? Look for a dryer with a function that refreshes clothes and releases wrinkles without the need for a full wash and dry. And if you’re not one to leap over to the laundry room when drying’s done, look for a dryer feature that tumbles clothes for a certain time period after the cycle ends, to keep wrinkles from setting in. Automatic Temperature Controls keep life simple, too: they interior monitors to sense the temperature needs of a certain load, for a practically perfect wash or dry.

Whether you’re looking for a top load or front load washer and dryer, a washer dryer combo will make your life easier by saving you from frustrating trips to the laundromat. You can even binge-watch the latest streaming series while you wait, from the comfort of your couch. The right laundry pair in your home goes together like that lost sock you’ve just found and its twin that you’ve reunited: A super pair that’s better together – and ready to take on the world of stains!