Resolution and Refresh Rates for Modern Televisions

Choosing a new television for your home might sound simple enough, that is, until you start learning about all of the high-tech TV options and become totally overwhelmed!

There are lots of great brands that manufacture televisions, and each TV has a unique resolution, display type, screen size, and features. A couple important aspects to understand are resolution and refresh rates, because these features will help you pick the best TVs for gaming, watching movies, and tuning in to your favorite shows.

Here is some information about resolution and refresh rates for standard and gaming TVs to help you make the best television choice for your home.

Screen Resolution Comparison

Televisions offer clearer and more detailed images than ever before, which means that picture quality is a major factor when choosing a new TV. Simply put, the refresh rate of a screen is the number of times each second that a screen is updated.

Therefore, a refresh rate of 60 Hz means that the screen updates images 60 times per second, and the refresh rate of 120 Hz that modern TVs have update 120 times per second. With a 1080p HD television, you can increase that rate to get 240 updates per second.

These numbers translate to clearer, less blurry images on your TV, which is especially important if you use your TV for gaming because video games move quickly and depend upon rapid responses. For a screen resolution comparison, HDTVs and 4K TVs have powerful processors and more pixels to ensure faster refresh rates.

Display Factor Considerations

Something else to consider when shopping for a new television is display type, such as LED or LCD. Additional TV display types that you can shop for at The Brick include laser TVs, nano cells, OLED, QLED, and quantum dot.

LCD displays feature thin, flat panels, and LED TVs are lit by LED lights rather than fluorescent bulbs from the back. Meanwhile, plasma screens use two sheets of glass with a gas mixture between the layers for high contrast and color accuracy, while OLED are thin and flexible screens that typically have higher price points than standard displays. The most popular display types for modern TVs are LED and LCD, but TV technology is changing rapidly to make images even more realistic and engaging than they are now.

Best Gaming TVs

If you are in the market for TVs for gaming, then you’re going to want a higher resolution and refresh rate than someone who simply flips on the television once a day to watch the daily news. For gaming TVs, consider choosing 4K TVs for your PS4 and Xbox hobbies or perhaps an OLED TV to minimize lag time between the controller and your favorite game. Meanwhile, a curved TV or a Wi-Fi-enabled TV can take your gaming to the next level.

Best TVs for Watching Movies

4K TVs are also great for watching movies, but you may not need the most high-end OLED model of a TV if you aren’t a big video gamer and just love watching the latest and greatest films. For your movie-watching needs, make sure to choose a TV that will work well with your home theater and audio equipment and your speaker system. To enhance your viewing experience, you might also want to look into new soundbars and a great Blu-Ray player.

Best General Use TVs

In addition to resolution rates, high-tech features, and display types, TVs come in a wide range of price points. If you have a more basic television viewing style, you can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars by choosing a simpler model television that isn’t so high-tech. At The Brick, we offer televisions that cost just a few hundred dollars up to high-end models with all the top technology that will make every gamer you know jealous. TV screen sizes range from under 10 inches tall to up to 80 inches to fit perfectly in every room of your home and keep everyone in your family entertained.  Some other key considerations include whether you would enjoy the added features of a Smart TV or if the TV you want is capable of being wall-mounted.

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