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The Positive Impact Getting a New Fridge Will Have on Your Family

The refrigerator is often the centre piece of a kitchen and the one appliance that households truly revolve around. Not only is the fridge a source of healthy foods and meal preparations, but it is also a gathering place for family members and guests to come together. If your fridge is getting old, feels too small or just looks outdated with your kitchen decor, it might be time to buy a fridge that better suits your needs.

Here are some of the many ways how a new refrigerator can positively impact your life and the lives of your family members.

Extra Room Around the Holidays

As a major Canadian furniture and appliance store, we can’t help but notice that the pre-holiday season is often the most popular time of the year to buy fridge models that are larger and more accommodating. The winter holiday season is when so many households host celebrations with large groups of family and friends, and these celebrations almost always revolve around food. Having a large fridge will give you extra space for food and drinks during the holiday season and also allow you to stock up on the ingredients you need for holiday cooking. Preparing a successful holiday meal is all about getting ready in advance, and one of the best ways to do this is to invest in a new fridge.

Cook More Meals to Share at Home

Another great reason to buy a new fridge that better suits your family needs is so you can cook more meals to share at home together. Families who love their fridge are more likely to stock it with menu items for the week making it easy to find and access ingredients when it’s time for meal prep.

Prepare Healthy To-Go Lunches for Work and School

A great refrigerator also encourages families to prepare healthy to-go lunches in advance so that students going to school and adults going to work don’t have to settle for cafeteria food or be tempted by fast food chains. A large fridge with well-placed drawers and shelves will help you find the lunch components you are looking for, either the night before or in the morning before it’s time to leave.

Greater Energy Savings and Efficiency

Energy savings is another positive impact that a new fridge has on a family because those savings translate to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint in the environment. When replacing an older model of refrigerator, pay attention to energy ratings to ensure you’re getting the best eco-friendly benefits for your investment.

Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Modern refrigerators are often safer than older models, which is very important if you have young children in the house. On our website, you can filter our refrigerator search results by ones that have a child lock feature to prevent your refrigerator’s settings from being accidently changed. When the child lock feature is turned on buttons on the front of the fridge will not work, nor will the water and ice dispenser. Having this feature can keep your whole family safe by preventing fridge temperatures from getting too high or low causing food to spoil and make you sick. The feature also prevents unintentional dispensing by young children or pets to keep them safe.

High-Tech Models for Greater Convenience

Another great search filter to use while browsing our refrigerators online is for smart capable models. If it has been a few years since you’ve shopped for a fridge, you might be surprised at how high-tech these appliances really are today! Smart fridges are compatible with mobile apps on your smartphone to allow you to control refrigerator functions from anywhere. Other smart fridge options include Wi-Fi capabilities, smart dividers for maximum freshness, smart cooling systems and smart pull handles with a comfortable ergonomic design.

We’re confident you’ll love the collection of refrigerators we offer, and we would love to help make this holiday season the best one yet.