Toddler Room Ideas

Toddlers are adventurous little people, as sweet as they are terrible, full of big opinions and big hugs. As your child transitions from a baby to a toddler, adjusting their bedroom to keep up with their changing personality will ensure their own space remains uniquely theirs. Some pieces can transition from infant to toddler years. However, other items need to be updated to better accommodate your toddler’s growing size, expanded interests and abilities. Read on to gather toddler room design inspiration.

Furniture Must-Haves

The toddler years go by quickly; investing in furniture that your child can grow into is a wise plan. When your toddler is ready to transition out of the crib, invest in a twin or full-size bed that they can grow into instead of a toddler bed. Adding safety rails to the sides of the bed will ensure your toddler’s safety. This bed will last throughout childhood and continue to provide space for them to grow.

The same concept goes for the rest of the furniture, such as the dresser and shelves. These foundational pieces can grow with your child, and you can easily update the decor as your child’s interests evolve. While your toddler may love an animal theme now, investing in pieces your toddler can grow into allows you to create new kid's room designs as they get older.

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Create Space for Play

Toddlers learn through play. Creating a dedicated spot to foster this creativity is essential for their development and to keep them entertained. For example, a child-size table and chairs provide a place to colour and draw. Toddlers also love tiny spaces to hide and play. A tent, playhouse or canopy gives them ownership of a place that is theirs and lets them play and imagine.

Creating a cozy spot to curl up and read books with your toddler benefits you and your child. Whether it’s a corner filled with beanbags, a window seat with plenty of cushions or a plush chair to curl up in, creating a space where you can connect with your child will be a treasured spot for both of you.

Storage Spots

Your toddler has likely accumulated many clothes and toys by this stage, from clothes to stuffed animals to balls and blocks. An organized space will bring both you and your child peace and clarity. Children thrive in minimal and orderly spaces, so ensuring every belonging has a dedicated spot will go a long way in fostering your child’s development.

A bookcase in a neutral wood tone, such as the Boston 5-Shelf Bookcase, is an excellent place to store toys at the bottom and picture frames and other treasured knick-knacks at the top. This is a piece that can easily transition into your kid’s room as they grow.

A low, three-shelf bookcase is the perfect height for your toddler. They can easily access their favourite toys, books and stuffed animals. An option, such as the Grady 3-Shelf Bookcase, offers simple storage and is a neutral tone that can blend in with any aesthetic.

Recliners and Rockers

Although your toddler isn’t a baby anymore, they still thrive on cuddles and snuggles. Keeping the recliner from the infant days in your toddler’s room will serve as a spot to read books before bedtime or any time you are looking to connect with your toddler.

A recliner, such as the Jeffery Velvet Swivel Glider Recliner, has a plush, comforting fabric that will envelop you and your toddler, so you can read as many books together as they will sit still for.

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The toddler years can be challenging but so rewarding as you watch your baby transition into an independent little person with a big personality. Ensuring your toddler’s room is age-appropriate will provide a backdrop for them to grow and thrive. Keeping these kid’s room ideas in mind as you design the room will keep it fun and nurturing.