Tips and Tricks for Using Accent Tables in Your Home

Accent tables bring extra functionality to a room and add a design element that can make a room feel finished. In addition, a well-positioned accent table can serve as a decorative element, similar to a piece of art or lamp. Accent tables provide a surface to set down your beverage, rest a bowl of snacks and hold a table lamp, books and other decorative accessories. You can also choose an accent table with built-in storage for additional functionality. There is much to learn about accent tables, so read on for everything you need to know.

What can be used as an accent table?

An accent table is any table that isn’t a dining table. This could be an end table, coffee table, console table or nightstand. For example, placing an accent table on either side of your sofa or chairs can be an end table. If you place a larger accent table in the middle of the room, it can be a coffee table.

You can also use an accent table on either side of your bed as a nightstand. If you have empty corners that need to be filled, round variation, like the Nashik Accent Table, are perfect for displaying a table lamp, framed family photos or a plant. For the accent table to seamlessly fit in the space, it’s essential to measure how much room you have to ensure the accent table is completely functional where you need it.

Jordy Ottoman Accent Table – Original

How can you utilize an accent table in a space?

Before you invest in an accent table, determine how you will use it, so you can be sure to select the best table for your lifestyle. Choosing accent tables with a drawer may be your best bet if you need additional storage. For example, the Torry Chairside Table has a drawer under the tabletop to store batteries and remotes, as well as two round inserts to hold your beverage.

If you know you will be using it for food or beverages, perhaps an accent table with a non-porous surface would be the best choice. Round coffee tables, such as the Fano Round Coffee Table, are good for when you have young children, the rounded edge prevents injuries that could result from sharp corners.

What furniture does an accent table pair with?

There is an accent table for nearly every piece of furniture in every room. For example, a console table behind a sofa can define the space, whereas end tables flanking the sofa are perfect for a lamp, coasters and provide a place to set your drink while lounging. Also, a coffee table is great for setting out snacks when company is over or for styling with books, fresh flowers, a candle or other decorative accents.

In the bedroom, every bed needs a nightstand to rest your book, tablet, glasses, a glass of water, remote or any other bedside necessities. For entryway, an accent table is the perfect way to make a stunning first impression on guests while also complementing your entryway seating.

Should an accent table be contrasting or complementary in colour?

When selecting an accent table, you will want to be sure that it matches your room’s design aesthetic. Because accent tables are smaller pieces, you can take more significant design risks when selecting the tables. Choosing an accent table that contrasts with your room’s design scheme adds additional interest and prevents the room from feeling too uninspired. Alternatively, if you crave order and a cohesive look, selecting an accent table in a complementary colour may be the best choice for you.

What rooms do accent tables work best in?

There is an accent table for every type of room. Entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, offices, bedrooms and even kitchens can benefit from the addition of an accent table. Whether the table is front and centre or tucked into a corner, accent tables bring function, character and serve as the finishing touch your room needs.

Woodland End Table

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