Living Room

Boho Chic Living Room & Dining Room Ideas

Try a look designed for free spirits. This look is all about self-expression and mixing rather than matching. Here are four tips for designing a living/dining space in this eclectic style.

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Design tip #1:

Start with a neutral foundation. Boho chic rooms feature plenty of colour, pattern, texture and finishes. Keep the look cohesive by layering these elements around a neutral base, such as an area rug and sofas in the same colour.

Design tip #2:

Include both straight and curvy contours for a harmonious look. Here, the boxy fireplace and bookcases are complemented by a round mirror and foot stool.

Design tip #3:

Go wild (but not too wild) with colour! You can enjoy vibrant, dramatic hues if you select them from the same colour family, and layer them around the neutral foundation discussed in Design Tip #1.

Design tip #4:

Embrace your senses because boho chic is all about expression and creativity. Treat yourself to plush velvet chairs, vibrant artwork and toe-pleasing shag rugs. Push it further with lush room scents and pleasing mood music.