Family Room

California Cool

Carve out quality time in a relaxed but multifunctional indoor/outdoor living room. Create your best living space by adding layers of comfort while maximizing the functionality of the room. Start with a spacious sectional, then add a desk and home entertainment centre to get more done – together!

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Here’s why we can’t get enough of ottomans right now: they triple as tables, seating and footrests. They’re superbly toddler-friendly. They add a hit of colour, texture and style.

California Cool. Ottomans.
California Cool. Statement pieces

Statement pieces come in different sizes. This end table is an attention-grabber with its origami-like folds and artisan style. We love it as a plant stand – what would YOU use it for?

Need to add an office nook to your living room? Elevate it with sleek, mid-century mod office pieces and a warm, vintage-style rug. Add wall art and greenery for a lived-in look.

California Cool office nooks.
California Cool. Fireplace stands.

News flash: cozy isn’t just for winter. A fire stand brings that fireplace vibe year-round and at the flick of a switch.