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tiny home office

Whether it’s a “cloffice” (closet office) or secondary workspace in another room of your home, we are all making our home offices work as best they can. A dedicated work station is essential, but make sure that you have all your necessities on hand. See how to save space with a collapsible desk with built-in drawers.

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If your home office shares space with a living room, bedroom or other space, choose a clean-lined, space-saving setup. Our Pentland fold-down desk packs up tight so work is the furthest thing from your mind after-hours. Just tuck the chair into the drawers, then fold down the desktop.

fold down desk.
compactable desk feature.

This is a delightfully versatile piece that offers unique functionality as well as style. Stay organized even on your busiest days with the three large, yet compact drawers. The subtle white oak finish matches beautifully with a wide range of designs and colour schemes.

Step up your aesthetic – and your storage – with a ladder! Use them to help organize your home office (magazines), bedroom (throw blankets) or bathroom (towels). Buy one today and you’ll be using it for years to come!

use a ladder to organize magazines.

Work from home is here to stay. Get creative with a workstation that gives you room to spread out, but packs up tight at night. The Brick has solutions to keep you happy and productive in any size workspace.

home office.