Keep your kitchen beautiful with a Café built-in dishwasher and make your dishes sparkle and shine.

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Available Features

Energy Efficient

Choose a model with an ENERGY STAR™ certification to guarantee an efficient wash cycle that saves energy, without compromising a powerful cleaning performance.

Adjustable Upper Rack

You’ll have room for your finest stemware and space for tall bakeware with a rack that can be moved two inches up or down, creating ultimate loading flexibility.

Stainless Steel Wash Tub

Get your dishes sparkling and dry inside a durable stainless steel wash tub that retains high temperatures for a deeper clean and a thorough dry.

Maytag Dishwasher

Top Controls

Hidden controls keep the exterior of the dishwasher looking seamless and beautiful, while an LCD display screen makes it easy to select the perfect cycle.

Bottle Jets

Easily wash tall and deep items with the wash system that delivers more than 140 cleaning jets designed for edge-to-edge coverage.

Quiet Operation

Café dishwashers operate between 39 and 45 decibels – they’re so quiet you’ll barely hear it powering off stuck-on food and making your dishes shine.

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