Q: How can I apply for Financing?

You can apply for financing in any Brick Store with a quick and easy credit application. You can be approved for up to $20,000 in financing within minutes. Just remember to bring a government issued photo-ID and a major credit card. You can also apply online for instant financing. For more information, or to apply now, please go to: https://www.thebrick.com/pages/financing.

Q: What promotional financing plans do you offer?

If you are applying for financing inside a Brick Store, you can take advantage of one of our industry leading no-interest financing plans. Our financing plans include No Payment plans and Equal Monthly Payment Plans.

In-store, you can qualify for up to 18 months with no payments, or up to 36 Equal Monthly Payments, all with no interest. During some special promotions, these offers might be extended even longer!

Online, you can qualify for up to 18 months with no payments, or up to 36 Equal Monthly Payments, all with no interest on the Brick FlexitiCard – same as in-store.

If you do not have a credit card already, you can instantly apply online, and if approved, get No-Interest Equal Monthly Payments up to 36 months.

Q: Can I choose which financing plan I want?

In-store, there is a tremendous amount of flexibility on which financing option you can choose, within the range outlined above.

Online, you can also choose the best financing option for you.

Q: If I am on a “No Payment” plan, and I do not pay my full balance off by the due date, will all the built-up interest over the period be due?

Absolutely not. The Brick financing plans never have the accumulated interest feature, like many other credit cards. So, if you miss your payment due date, the interest would start to apply from that statement period and moving forward.

Having said that, in order to ensure your credit score rating is preserved and not negatively impacted, we highly encourage you to make your payments on time and truly take advantage of our no-interest offers.

Q: Which bank issued my financing/credit card?

Flexiti Financial is the issuer of the Brick’s financing/credit card.

For the most accurate information on the following inquiries, please contact Flexiti Financial at 1.877.259.3745

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Payment Inquiries
  • Address Changes
  • Online Statements

Q: Can I make my payments through mobile/online banking?

Yes. To ensure you have the most accurate ‘payee’ for your online banking, please search for “Flexiti Financial” or contact your financial institution prior to initial setup.

Q: Who can I contact to correct an error in my financing promotion (type of financing or length of promotion)?

Please send us an email to brickcard@thebrick.com and we will respond to your request within two business days. Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm MST.

Q: I am having a hard time understanding my statement, and determining what amounts are due, and when. Is there somewhere I can go to better understand my statement?

For Flexiti Financial, please see the attached How to Read Your Statement document.
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Q: If I enrolled in the Simply Secure™ Payment Protection Plan insurance coverage when I applied for financing, and I lost my income, can I benefit from the insurance coverage?

Yes. If you are currently enrolled, in good standing, in the credit insurance coverage provided by Trans Global Insurance, and you either lost your job, got hospitalized with illness, got critically ill, or worse, you should call Trans Global Insurance’s claims department and see if you qualify for a claim.

Contact Info:

Trans Global Insurance