Enhance Your Open Floor Plan with These Design Tips

There’s something wonderfully inviting and refreshing about a well-designed open floor plan. Whether you live in a huge house or a tiny apartment, it’s nice to have ample space to move around in and to entertain family and guests. The keys to creating a space that is both inviting and comfortable are smart furniture choices, the right accent pieces and a great layout!

From the furniture experts at The Brick, here is some open floor plan inspiration with furniture combinations and décor pairings you’ll love.

Designing with an Open Concept

Creating the right layout for your open space might seem a bit daunting, but we are here to give you all of the information and design tips you need to pull your space together.

The first thing you will need to think about and decide upon is the purpose of your space and how you want it to function. Instead of just one multi-purpose space, it helps to create distinct areas of the room to make it feel cozier and more logical. Start by dividing your open area into zones (living room, dining room, home office, etc.) to help the living space flow more naturally. To make the room feel cohesive and balanced, choose pieces of furniture that create a sense of symmetry when viewed together.My Brick Home - Fall 2019

Create Your Ideal Living Space

When you’re designing a space with an open floor plan it can be daunting and sometimes difficult to know where to start. In our opinion the best place to begin is with the larger items. This would include your seating choice as well as your pick of dining set. Each of these items sets the tone for the space and provides the base for your stylistic choices.

Deciding which sofa to use is all depended on what you wish the purpose of the room to be. If you’re wanting the room to act as a viewing area we would suggest picking a large, comfortable sectional sofa like the Randal 5-piece sleeper sectional that will seat the whole family with room to spare. Using a large sectional will make a functional statement piece for the space without detracting from the openness of the room.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re wanting the area to be more of a social space designed for interaction we would suggest getting two medium sized sofas, like the Kylie Linen-Look Sofa, and face them together separated by a complementary coffee table. Having this configuration will allow everyone to be comfortable, engaged and social while maintaining the important flow of an open floor plan!

While designing an open floor plan it is crucial to keep in mind the flow from one area to the next. Having your living space flow seamlessly into your dining area is just one of these aspects. It’s important to have each be stylistically complementary while also being able to stand on their own.

Modera 7-Piece Linen-Look Fabric Modular Sectional with 1 Console

Creating the Perfect Dining Area

When you’re working with an open layout, barstools are often the solution for what you need. High back barstools help to define a space and create a more formal feel. Meanwhile, low back barstools provide an open sight line and encourage a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

The shape of your dining table can also help you create the dining space of your dreams in an open layout. Depending on how much space you have and the other furniture you have in the vicinity, a round or rectangular dining table might make more sense. Bench seating can also help you save space since the benches can slide underneath the dining table and allow more room to walk through the area. At The Brick, we have dining table sets that include all of these round, rectangle, and barstool options in the Alto design line.

We also love pairing a dining set with a large storage cabinet or perhaps built-in cabinetry that matches the kitchen cabinets. This is a fun way to tie the cooking and dining zones together while also providing easy access to extra dishes and barware.


Similar Styles Between Zones

Although open concept rooms allow you to be creative with your decorating, it’s still best to stick with just one colour scheme or style so that the area doesn’t appear too random or distracting. Neutral colours work well in open spaces because they’re easy to coordinate from one section to the next.

Another idea is to choose a single accent colour (perhaps something bold like red or yellow) and then repeat that colour in subtle ways throughout the different zones. You can also tie the style together by adding home decor that complement each other such as wall art, accent pillows and throw blankets.

Use Area Rugs to Define a Zone

Area rugs are a great way to create a well-defined zone. Place a rug underneath your sofa or sectional to create a welcoming living room zone, and if your dining area is large or you want to make it feel more formal, you can’t go wrong with adding a sleek rug to further define this space.

A rug will make any zone look cozier, while also adding a touch of colour and personality to the open space. The Clarity Painted Area Rug or the Freemont Red Area Rug can add just the right amount of colour to a neutral space so that it makes sense with the other décor in the room. A shag rug like our “Alpaca” rugs instantly create a cozy and lounging feel, whereas a more traditional rug like the “Gatsy” can instantly add elegance and a collector’s vibe to a room. Just make sure to choose a rug that is large enough for at least the front legs of the furniture to be on the it so the pieces feel more connected.

Amos 5-Piece Dining Package with Tess Chairs

Soft Materials and Round Shapes

Since one of the biggest challenges with open layouts is achieving coziness, be sure to add soft textures to your space. This will prevent the room from feeling harsh, cold or empty. Also, by adding round shapes, such as round ottomans or a round dining table, you can create more flow and a more relaxed look.

Most people add accent pillows and throw blankets to a space to incorporate softness which is great! But, have you ever considered the visual softness lamps can create? Round-shaped lamps are great for incorporating softness to a room, especially if they have dimmer switches to create a warm evening glow. On end tables, consider the Chrome Swirl Table Lamps or the Theo Table Lamps. Meanwhile, floor lamps provide lighting and fill awkward spaces in a room so that you can see well in the evening no matter where you sit.

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